June 6, 2008

Belmont Stakes Entry Casino Drive Hurt, May Be Scratched

This morning the handlers of Casino Drive noted that he was not walking properly. Rather than gallop him this morning, they have decided to give him the day off.

The horse, Big Brown's main threat, is thought to have a "stone bruise" on his left-hind leg, which can be caused by walking on hard, rocky surfaces, like the paths at Belmont.

According to PetPlace, a stone bruise appears as a purple or dark grey spot on the hoof though they often are not visible until the injury is a bit old. Most intriguingly, for those who might bet the race, "if a stone bruise occurs right before an important competition, it can be a crisis."

The point is that Casino Drive's handlers are only speculating that he has a stone bruise. All they know for sure is he is not walking normally. Now that we are nearly a day away from the race, I would want to see major improvement before laying money on the horse. There's a decent chance he also could be scratched prior to the 6:25 p.m. post tomorrow.

2 Responses:

tvnewsbadge said...

But even if he runs now, would it wise to put any money on him?

A horse is not going to beat Big Brown unless he's 100 percent, and even if Casino Drive is "better" does not translate into 100 percent.

J-Red said...

That's my sentiment exactly. I'm going to be away from a betting location today, and my original plan was to place my bets last night at Pimlico. When the Casino Drive news broke I had to scratch my plans entirely.

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