July 1, 2008

ESPN Sells Out for Wipeout

Last night on Sportscenter, sports fans worldwide saw the ultimate sellout by tWWL. We've all felt it coming and some have been more vocal about it than others, but it's now official. In the Top 10 last night, #8 was a blatant, unmitigated ad for Wipeout, as seen below.


As you can see and hear, they announce the date and time the show is on ABC. They don't even show a single "good play" from the show, but just a montage. Where is the justice for whomever was bumped from the Top 10 to make room?

There are so many other ways that ESPN could have advertised their new show. "Good luck John with your new show Wipeout which debuts tomorrow on ABC" or "Check out Wipeout tomorrow on ABC" at the end of the show. Neither of those are pretending to be something they're not. Or ABC could have run an actual ad for it. But it's certainly not part of the top 10... it hasn't even been aired yet! What's next, a kiss from Desperate Housewives in the top 5? ESPN is obviously owned by ABC and Disney, but whatever sports integrity they had is disappearing quickly under the thumb of their corporate leadership.

The worst part is that the show is Spike's Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) without any of the funny. Someone over at Disney thought people would watch MXC without hilarious Japanese people and funny voiceover. What's worse is that the networks have proven they get that Japanese game shows are funny, as CBS debuted their own "Help, I'm Stuck in a Japanese Game Show".

Seriously, why am I not in charge of anything?

J-Red and Russell contributed to this post.

4 Responses:

Brien said...

That's absurd. I thought ESPN learned its lesson after the Desperate Housewives-Monday Night Football debacle.

Brien said...

The show really does suck, too. The contestants don't even look like they're trying at all. Clearly the best strategy is to skip all the obstacles and just go through the water, but every contestant pauses between the obstacles and tries to slowly make their way through.

Wipeout is terrible.

Morgan Wick said...

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" is actually... an ABC show!

J-Red said...

Wow...so really they took MXC and split it into TWO not-funny shows.

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