July 2, 2008

Rays Sweep Sox, Bandwagon Rolling

For the second time this year, the Tampa Bay Rays have swept the Boston Red Sox, this time establishing a 3.5 game lead in the AL East and improving the best record in the majors. With Hershiser declaring their 7th inning rally a turning point for the whole season, the Rays put up 6 on the Sox bullpen to take a 3 run lead. It's time to start believing that the Rays might actually be able to win the AL East, and take the defending champs' crown. And the fans are suddenly appearing at the Trop in droves. The Rays bandwagon is rolling, and that crowd was loving the sweep of the Nation.

Evan Longoria is living up to the hype.

Calling all fans of the Mariners, Nats, Padres... Are you in need of a competitive team to root for? Maybe one that isn't too trendy or crowded (Cubs)? How about one that doesn't have recent titles or an empty stadium for the World Series (Marlins)? You're in luck! What's not to like about the Rays? A team full of young talent and rising stars, the Rays seem to have imitated the Marlins' business model, and it's paying off. Crawford and Kazmir are established top-tier players. Longoria and Upton have tremendous All-Star potential, and veterans like Pena and Cliff Floyd keep things in perspective. Plus everyone already hates the Yankees and Red Sox, what better way to stick it to them than to join the Rays bandwagon? In addition, the Rays' payroll is under $50 million. Too bad the Sox and Yankees' money aren't leading to victories.

As a Braves/Orioles fan, it's not quite that team of year yet, but you can bet I hate the Red Sox and Yankees. Go Rays!

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

The scary thing is that I'm still so satisfied with the Orioles being even barely over .500. Lowered expectations is clearly the best way to keep fans happy.

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