August 4, 2008

NBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook Sample Recipes

NBC was apparently inspired by ESPN's commercials showing Tom Jackson and Mike Ditka arguing over hot gardening trends. They've now unleashed their own cookbook, inspired by the delicacies of the 31 NFL cities. (What exactly is an East Rutherford, New Jersey, delicacy, I wonder?)

Some of the recipes sound delicious. Here are some samples:
  • Peter King's Frappuccino with Special Brett Favre Cream

  • Keith Olbermann's Republican Hash

  • Bob Costas' Vanilla Flavored Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Icing

  • Andrea Kremer's Butterface Cookies

  • Cris Collinsworth's Dry Manhattan with Extra Bitter Bitters

  • John Madden's Recession Turducken with Spam, Potted Meat and Vienna Sausages

  • Al Michael's Seemingly Unscripted 83-Step Tuna Casserole
  • Jerome Bettis' Detroit-Style UAW Bread Sandwich
  • Tiki Barber's Sour Grapes
  • Buffalo Philly Cheesesteak
  • Philly Buffalo Wings
  • Miami Dolphin, Now with More Tuna

Apparently Dan Patrick felt the book was beneath him, though once you go to syndicated talk radio, frequently tape-delayed to air between the hours of 3am and 6am, I'm not sure what is beneath you.

3 Responses:

Brien said...

I've often wondered what food perfectly captures the essence of Jacksonville. I'm glad that I now have a place to find the answer.

Jarrett said...


Al Michaels also has a mean deadpan-seared sea bass.

J-Red said...

Winner! I might have, um, missed a couple recipes. If you guys have some favorites from the book that I might have missed, feel free to post them all here.

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