May 22, 2007

Lottery Balls

First of all, I'll provide my surreply to Jeremy's reply later. I'm sick of writing for the day.

On to the NBA Lottery. There aren't any visible lottery balls, they just bring out a stack of cards. Perhaps the most hilarious thing is that you have a mix of former players including Lenny Wilkens, Jerry West, Larry Bird, and Dominique Wilkins, some current players like Brandon Roy, and then some stuffy front office guys who look totally out of place.

So anyway, I give half a Sunday shit about the NBA, but I do like college basketball. Unfortunately, that means I read Bill Simmons' "Basketball Blog" for the one or two pieces of information that don't relate to his boner for Greg Oden and Kevin Durant as potential Celtics. I actually found myself watching the lottery hoping that Boston's card would come up each time. I almost sprung wood when they got the 5th slot. No Oden, no Durant. Now I suppose Simmons will subject us to his Red Sox crap.

1 Responses:

Brien said...

I actually laughed out loud when Boston came up at #5.

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