May 23, 2007

Not to Say I Told You So...

On 3/21/07, in my Idol Recap, posted the morning after the top 10 performed British Invasion week, just before Stephanie got axed:

"But the big news is that Jordin Sparks is my new favorite to win Season 6. She looks cute, perky, could be a Gap girl, and showed off AMAZING vocals last night in her song. She is marketable and talented, which is the perfect mix."

If only I took advantage of that and laid money down. The odds at that point on Jordin were roughly 8:1. Lakisha was still the favorite with Melinda just behind her. Everyone was sleeping on Jordin, people too focused on Sanjaya's hair and Haley's legs.

Also, did anybody notice that in Idol's gratuitous Sanjaya performance tonight, in their lead-in, they compared him to the great leaders of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi. Hmm... all three were assassinated. Do good things come in fours as well?

CONGRATS JORDIN! But we haven't heard the last of many of this Idol group, as I predict Blake, Melinda, and Lakisha will all go on to put out great albums. Who's in for the summer tour? Stops at First Mariner Arena (they need something in between monster trucks and Blackbirds) and Verizon Center (I guess the Mystics are out of town that night).

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

That's great. I know I said on here that Jordin was the up-and-comer because she was the only one to improve each week, but I stopped looking after I found your prediction that she would win.

I am working on a new Religious Right theory for American Idol. I think Jordin Sparks is either Mormon or Jehovah's Witness. I found something saying she belonged to a mega-church, Calvary Community, in Arizona, but I'm not done looking yet.

I exposed Chris Sligh, and I'll get to the bottom of this sundress-over-jeans mystery.

J-Red said...

Oh, and Gina Glockenspiel sucked my asshole tonight. You know damn well the producers are going to make Sanjaya and her sing a rock duet on tour, since either of them alone would be intolerable. I'm thinking Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" Or perhaps "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man".

Prediction for next year: the top 12 are ELIGIBLE for the big tour, but they'll only take 8 to 10.

Brien said...

Thoughts on the night:
* First, Jordin deserved to win.

* I thought the African choir seemed a bit exploitative. It was like they were saying "awww, look at the cute little kids who live in abject poverty"

* Blake and Doug E. Fresh were awesome together. I think it will be good for Blake that he doesn't have to make an American Idol Winner Album. He'll have a lot more creative freedom by coming in second, and he'll be able to play to his strengths.

* Reuben sounded awesome. He reminded people why he won, and made everyone wonder where the hell he's been for the past 4 years. Maybe he needs to put out a song called "I'm sorry for 2004, 2005, and 2006." On second thought, maybe not.

* I can't understand why the Idol producers had Kelly and Carrie perform on the finale. I know they are supposed to show what an Idol winner can do, but they just remind everyone that Jordin and Blake just aren't that good. Reuben, Taylor, and all the washed up stars that performed make Jordin look great by comparison. Even the half-assed performances Gwen Stefani and Green Day (seriously? WTF?) mailed in made Jordin seem like a legit superstar. But Kelly and Carrie just blew her out of the water.

* I know it would never happen, but I wish the judges would critique the former winners. I'd love to hear what they think about Taylor Hicks now.

* The Sgt. Pepper tribute was awful. There's a reason contestants don't sing Beatles songs very often, they just don't fit the mold. It was tough listening to good singers (some of whom I really like) butcher classic Beatles songs one right after the other.

J-Red said...

Reuben sounded awesome until he had to work the really high notes of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. That was more a production screw-up than his fault.

Brien said...

Yeah, I meant that he was awesome in his duet with Jordin. Everyone sounded bad in the Beatles medley.

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