July 3, 2007

CNNSI Steals My Post Again

Compare and contrast. I'm not accusing CNNSI of outright plagiarism. Let's just say CNNSI might be able to save some money by hiring me for a part-time gig. At least last time Peter King spiced up his eerily similar article with some insider quotes.

Me on June 25th:

According to ESPN, the Bears have released Tank Johnson in the wake of his recent 40-in-a-25mph speeding ticket in Arizona. Um.....what? He was good enough that you supported his motion to leave Illinois to participate in the Super Bowl but he isn't good enough to wait for the blood tests?

The officer who pulled Tank Johnson over "suspected" him of being under the influence, so he drew blood. Those tests are still a week or more from coming back. Since when is speeding "the last straw"? What changes between now and a week from now make you have to move immediately?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that July 1 is veteran cut day to get under the salary cap. I'm sure the Bears were confident that Tank would be exonerated on Monday, July 2, 2007.

It looks to me like the Bears know something we don't, right? They know that blood test will be positive for alcohol or another banned driving stimulant. This is a team that is so blinded to reality that they let Trent Green go to the Dolphins for a conditional 4th round pick, yet they have the foresight to realize that Tank is facing more trouble??? Rex Grossman is a pony they'll ride but Tank Johnson is too much hoss to handle?

Forgive me if I don't think today is a great day to be a Bears' fan.

Now, CNNSI today (July 3):

So where do the Bears rank on the embarrassment meter today, after word that Tank Johnson's blood alcohol level was below the legal limit when he was pulled over on June 22 for suspicion of drunken driving? And while the evidence shows that Johnson was indeed drinking (his BAC was .072), it appears the only thing he did to break the law was to drive 40 in a 25.

Yet that traffic stop was enough for the Bears to waive the defensive tackle three days later, saying they were "upset and embarrassed" by his legal troubles. They hadn't been too embarrassed to allow him to play in the Super Bowl while awaiting his hearing on a probation violation for a gun charge, of course, the violation that landed Tank in the clink for 60 days and nearly put the prison commissary out of commission. A prison sentence that the team welcomed him back from, by the way.

So apparently it takes the Bears a while to blush, but once they reach their limit they turn red at everything.

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

And I am NOW aware that July 1 is no longer a major deadline date for cutting veterans to get under the cap. I forgot about that whole little CBA fiasco in March 2006.

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