July 2, 2007

The Newest Measure from a Desperate Team

Courtesy of WTOPnews.com:
Orioles Offer All-You-Can-Eat Ticket

BALTIMORE (AP) - The Orioles have launched a program designed for fans who love ballpark food.

It's the All-You-Can-Eat Left Field Club ticket.

Beginning July 12, for $35 in advance or $40 on the day of the game, fans receive a seat in sections 280-288 of the left field club level. They're a $25 value. But for the special ticket, fans get an all-you-can-eat pass for the concession stands located directly behind those sections.

Menu items include hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, nachos, ice cream, soda and lemonade.

So this actually at first blush doesn't seem like a bad idea. Access to club level amenities and all-you-can-eat. Even if you were to buy a sausage, soda, and peanuts outside the ballpark from one of the money vendors outside of Pickles, you're out $8 on food before you walk into the ballpark. Here, you're paying $10 for food, but you don't have to worry about trooping food in, and you can get all you want to eat. Living three years in Baltimore, I definitely feel like there are enough people to rack up $35 on food alone in an all-you-can-eat setting at the ballpark. Still, no beer? That's brutal. The way to go is to get into one of the bullpen parties with open beer bar, open food bar for 2 hours before the game.

But seriously, the underlying thing is that you're still relying on people who want to shell out $35 per ticket per game, so how many people will this actually attract to a game? For example, how many people, on a Tuesday night when you can sit in the upper deck behind home plate and have a much better view of the game for $8, and then buy food on the outside, bring it in, and still only be down $18 total, will pay twice that much for worse seats but all-you-can-eat food? I'm guessing not too many. People may come for the novelty, but for two average people, $70 is still a lot to lay out for a ballgame and food. This is definitely not geared towards the fans sitting lower deck for whom the money they spend on food at a game is of no object. The far better deal is Thursday nights when $15 gets you a bleacher seat and a sandwich from Boog's.

In the end, it's going to take way more than a stupid gimmick geared towards a small fraction of the fanbase's inner glutton to bring attendance up at Camden Yards from the "dismal" category.

6 Responses:

michael said...

The Dodgers are in their second season of doing this this season...its been a big hit for them!

Jeremy said...

I knew that the Dodgers did a similar promotion. But I think you've got a far better on-field product, and I think that people at Dodger Stadium don't have the same opportunity that people do at Camden Yards to buy food on the outside and bring it in. Two big differences right away.

J-Red said...

I have no interest in sitting with other people who think all-you-can-eat is a good selling point for a baseball game. Have you ever been in a Golden Corral?

michael said...

Well there is not any food immediately around Dodger Stadium like there is at Camden, with Eutaw St and the other downtown and inner harbor attractions. But you are allowed to bring your own food in to Dodger Stadium (I do almost every game), and there are numerous little burrito joints in the mile or two around Dodger Stadium. Its definitely more accessible around Camden though!

J-Red said...

Then again, you're unlikely to get shot if you get drunk and wander too far from Dodger Stadium like you might at Camden Yards or RFK Stadium.

michael said...

well there is no wandering from Dodger Stadium...it takes 15 minutes just to get to the outer edge of the parking lot....then you'll have the hills of the revene to walk through....unless you walk out to Sunset in SilverLake...where you may actually get shot at the Burrito King or the Silversun Pickup (yes, the band is named after a liquor store around the corner from Dodger Stadium)

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