July 4, 2007

Independence Day

In celebration of our independence from the oppressive rule of England, this is a good time to examine something directly related to the freedoms we earned: internet gambling. Ok, so actually Congress effectively ruined internet gambling for U.S. gamers by legitimizing such funding methods as the "pre-paid phone card". But, without further adieu, ECB's look at odds for future events.

Odds courtesy of Bodog.com, the official internet gambling site of ECB

Odds to Win SB XLII (i.e., the next Super Bowl)

New England: 9-5 (Betting $50 will win you $90 if the Patriots emerge from a 32 team field)
Baltimore: 22-1
Pittsburgh: 25-1
Washington: 38-1

VALUE PICK - New Orleans at 14-1. There are a lot of questions surrounding the Saints, and they have a tougher schedule this year. Still, what about Atlanta, Carolina or Tampa Bay is particularly fear-inspiring right now? They're a virtual playoff lock, they have another year of figuring out how to best hurt teams with Reggie Bush, and Drew Brees is still a winner.

Least Face Time During All-Star Week
Baltimore : -180
Washington: -1000
FIELD: +1800

Which team is less likely to get a player into the All-Star Game? The Orioles send only 2B Brian Roberts. The Nationals contribute 1B Dmitri Young. The only middle infielders non-starters are Roberts, SS Carlos Guillen and SS Michael Young. Add in that Roberts contributes speed and bunting ability, and he should at least make an appearance.

Dmitri Young on the other hand is behind Prince Fielder, Derrek Lee and Albert Pujols at 1B. His only chance of seeing the field will be as a pinch hitter for the pitcher's spot, and given his lack of footspeed, even that is questionable. Neither Young nor Roberts will be asked to participate in the Home Run Derby.

Which celebrity will be the next arrested for DUI? (Actual Bodog category)

Lily Allen: 4-1
Any "Lost" Actor: 5-1
Lindsay Lohan: 11-2
Amy Winehouse: 6-1
Britney Spears: 6-1
Akon: 7-1
David Hasselhoff: 7-1
Paula Abdul: 17-2
Avril Lavigne: 10-1
Paris Hilton: 12-1

First of all, you can subtract Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse because the infraction has to be committed by a celebrity, and I have no idea who those two are. I would also rule out Lohan and Hilton, since Lohan is in rehab and Hilton will probably be taking a cab for the rest of her life. Lost actors only get in trouble when they're in Hawaii, and they shouldn't be filming right now, so cross them off the list. I think Hasselhoff is good value at 7-1, particularly because I suspect he drives a showy car and he's unlikely to have a chaffeur. Plus, we know from the sandwich video that he has had recurring problems. His daughter told him he was going to get fired if he tested positive for booze.

CBS' Big Brother 8: Will the first "hook-up" be...? (Actual Bodog category. "A hook-up is considered anything involving an open mouth kiss or more")

Boy-Girl: 1-4
Girl-Girl: 7-2
Girl-Girl-Boy: 5-1
Boy-Boy: 8-1
Boy-Boy-Girl: 10-1

First of all, Boy-Boy-Girl should pay far more than 10-1. For that to happen you would need two guys who are comfortable kissing each other, as I would understand the hookup to only take place if all three participants are "open mouth kiss[ing] [each other] or more". That requires that the guys are either gay but not opposed to kissing a woman, bisexual, or so comfortable with their heterosexuality and so sure the makeout session is great entertainment for America that they're willing to do it anyway. Oh, and this has to occur before the first guy-girl open-mouthed kiss.

I would hate to be the judge for this one too. How do you decide what constitutes "more" than open-mouthed kissing? What about nude wrestling? What if the first "hook-up" occurs on the subscriber only feed at CBS.com, but the editing of the show makes it appear as though a second hook-up takes place first? These are important questions that I need answered before I shell out my hard-earned dollars on some girl-girl reality kissing action.


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