July 3, 2007

CNNSI.com Ranks NFL Owners

This list from Mike Silver at CNNSI deserves no credibility from the start.

5) Danny Snyder (Skins)
8) Wayne Huizenga (Dolphins)
9) Dan Rooney (Steelers)
13) Steve Bisciotti (Ravens)

If you can independently derive the criteria that would result in those rankings, you deserve an honorary Ph.D. in Mathematics, or at least a B.S. in BS.

Apparently CNNSI felt that throwing money at problems (Al Saunders, Gregg Williams, Adam Archuleta, LaVar Arrington, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Antwaan Randle-El, Brandon Lloyd, Ricky Williams, David Boston, Nick Saban, etc. etc.) makes you a good owner, whereas properly building a franchise towards stability and making the playoffs (Steelers and Ravens) makes you a mediocre one. I'm reminded of the Forbes 500 GM Rankings that put Danny Ainge of the Celtics on top. Maybe CNNSI's NFL GM rankings would name Vinny Cerrato the best player personnel guy in the game.

6 Responses:

Brien said...

Not that it's all that impressive, but I knew the #1 owner before clicking the link.

Is there something in the cocktail sauce in NFL press booths that makes all football columnists fall all over themselves lavishing praise on the Patriots?

J-Red said...

Many of these guys grew up in the era of dynasties, from the late 1970's Steelers through the Niners and Cowboys. They're trained to lavish praise on any team that could be considered dynastic these days.

You probably knew the bottom two before you ever opened the link too, despite the fact that Bidwell has a new stadium, Edgerrin James, a great receiving corps, and Matt Leinart. Mike Brown paid for Marvin Lewis, has a new stadium, has a number of medium to high-priced players and is threatening to compete for a playoff spot every year. Old habits die hard.

Jeremy said...

Holy crap. Jason, did you accidentally delete the number 2 from the first digit in Dan Snyder's ranking? I love how lists like this can lose all credibility with one completely fucked up ranking like that.

J-Red said...

I threw in Huizenga just to prove that it wasn't credible at any point, not just Snyder.

michael said...

Hey...Huizenga is a brilliant businessman who works hard to generate revenue (some of it secured through smart stadium upgrades) and is willing and able to spend money in an attempt to build and maintain a winning team.

If that doesnt make you a top ten owner, I dont know what does!!!

J-Red said...

I'll admit that a lot of my opinion of Huizenga comes from his ownership of the Marlins before Lurie came in. He probably saved the Dolphins when Joe Robbie died, and he has not been stingy with non-player personnel recently.

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