July 2, 2007

Worst Sports Weekend Ever

Seriously, what was the highlight of this past weekend? MLB All-Star announcements? The LPGA U.S. Open? Brad Penny v. Jake Peavy?

Was this the least interesting sports weekend ever? Discuss amongst yourselves.

6 Responses:

michael said...

Definitely Penny vs Peavy. I happened to be at that game, where the two best pitchers in the National League (and except for Santana, the two best in all of baseball) faced off against each other. And they did not disappoint. Peavy and Penny lowered their league-leading ERAs to 2.09 and 2.00 respectively...pitching to a stalemate in seven innings. If you appreciate good pitching (which, as a former pitcher, I do), it doesnt get a whole lot better than that!

J-Red said...

Ok, so an NL snoozefest is the highlight of the weekend. What was there for those of us who lack a personal stake in the NL West (which admittedly is a much-improved division over the past playoff races where first to .500 won)?

michael said...

Snoozefest? Dont knock us for being in the best time zone in the country. Stay up late to see some good baseball once in a while!

J-Red said...

And what about the chicken and egg argument for the NL West? Do the pitchers look great because there is only one offensive All-Star in the game, C Russell Martin, batting a whopping .296 with 9HRs and 52RBIs?

Aside from Barry Bonds and some above-average hitters with ARI and COL, it's a pretty weak division offensively.

Brien said...

The one sporting event I watched this weekend was the F1 French Grand Prix. I tried to watch some of the America's Cup, but the race I tried to watch was delayed.

Don't worry, though, this weekend has Wimbledon, a UFC, and the Tour de France prologue.

J-Red said...

The most entertaining thing I'll see this weekend is a bunch of 20-somethings trying not to look like they're afraid of the fish.

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