February 16, 2008

American Idol Top 24 Preview

Alright ECB fans. So I'm the designated blogger on American Idol this season. If you don't watch this show, don't bother reading the post. If you watch the show, come to this spot regularly each week for snarky comments, predictions, and other miscellaneous thoughts.

Unable to watch AI either evening this week, I had set my DVR to record AI regularly. However, for the first time ever, my DVR failed me for the results show Wednesday night. So I'm limited to my impressions from watching Tuesday auditions and from seeing who made it to the Top 24 on Fox's website. Here are a few thoughts on some of the contestants:

Amanda Overmyer - She would be awesome as the frontwoman for a Janis Joplin cover band. But she screams no range. I can't wait for the contestants to have to cover Motown or R&B or something other than late 60s/early 70s rock. Great voice, not an American Idol. Plus, look at her. According to her bio, she's 23. I haven't disbelieved an age like that since Danny Almonte played in the Little League World Series. Or since I took a look at Miguel Tejada. She looks like she's mid-40s at best.

Carly Smithson - Let's see how the producers come up with creative ways to cover up her entirely tattoed right side of her body. Incredible voice, but as we know already, has been signed professionally in the past. Still, she's gotta be a favorite. Big time favorite. Plus I like the little Irish lilt in her voice. Tremendous range.

Syesha Mercado - Gutsy, gutsy auditions busting out with the voice that she brought despite barely having any speaking voice due to illness. She's definitely a favorite and brings a great personality to the table.

Ramiele Mulabay - After her initial audition, I thought she just got through because the producers thought the short little girl who sang Aretha was cute. I'm still not convinced she'll really do anything. She's got a powerful voice, but it's light years behind Syesha or Carly.

Kady Malloy - Please, please, please have Antonella Barba-esque pictures out there somewhere.

Kristy Lee Cook - Let's see how many more times you can sing Amazing Grace. That seems to be the only song that gets you by.

Danny Noriega - Wow dude... I just have the urge to punch you. Seriously. You aren't as good as you think. You're obnoxious. You're not fantastic. You will go only so far as the vote of the older teenage girls who find flamboyantly gay guys adorable will take you. Also you win the vote for most likely to be this year's Sanjaya.

David Archuleta - Apparently this kid's parents have been videotaping him singing for years and he's all over Youtube. This kid will go very far on his cute and nonthreatening factor with all the younger girls. I also have the urge to punch you, David.

David Hernandez - I wish we saw your initial audition. You snuck up on us. And you have ridiculous talent. This guy is a one-way ticket for top-10.

Michael Johns - You're a little older at 29. But your voice is insane. It takes a hell of a voice to take Bohemian Rhapsody by storm. You did it. You've got incredible range and you know how to keep your voice in control. If you can get a good following, you could make the finals. Another one-way ticket for top-10.

Robbie Carrico - This year's designated rocker alongside Amanda. Except Robbie has way more talent. And way more range.

Other Thoughts from Hollywood Week... nicely done dance captain and abstinence girl's parents - hire your daughter a vocal coach who couldn't even make it to Top 24 on American Idol; thank goodness the kid who lives in his car didn't make it to the top 24 - if I saw him cry one more time, I was going to go nuts; thank goodness Pageant Girl missd the top 24 - she was trying so hard to be Kellie Pickler and that's not the route to my heart; is the Hispanic casanova guy related in any way to Greivis Vasquez - I hope not; I miss the dynamic of the group performance - that was always fun to watch the girls catfight; to the guy who auditioned with a drum set - dumbest decision ever; I think I'd throw myself out the window if I was staying at the same hotel as all those stuck on themselves, overindulged Hollywood Week finalists; it's amazing to me how people make the Top 24 with so little visibility during the tryouts - see Melinda Doolittle from last year.

So ECB readers, let the Top 24 begin!

7 Responses:

Anonymous said...

If you want to see how people make it into the top 24 with or without talent, read some of the stories in Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. Not the sappy stories you usually think you'll find in chicken soup books. You really get some insight. BTW, the Idols wrote their own stories in their own words.

Brien said...

I thought the best performance of Hollywood week was Carly singing Heart's "Alone." She was awesome. I came away wondering why more people don't sing that song. Huge, emotional power ballads always do well on AI, and Alone is a huge crowd pleaser. You can bank on the fact that Carly busts that one out again soon.

Jeremy said...

I'm waiting for somebody to do Heartbreaker.

J-Red said...

I need a DVR. I think I'm making a Best Buy run tomorrow.

big tuna said...

Now that the guy who lives in his car was eliminated I expect to hear of his suicide on the news. That guy was unstable.

Anonymous said...

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