May 21, 2008

Escobar KO's Church, Finishes Doubleheader Sweep

Check out this game-ending double-play. The highlight at about 55 seconds is the best shot of it. Who says baseball's not a contact sport?

In related news, the Braves continue to be awesome at home, getting 12 IP with only 1 ER allowed from their two starters in the doubleheader. Jorge Campillo looked awesome in his first start, and Chipper continues to be the best hitter in the NL.

2 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Hmm... at least Lastings Milledge played football in high school so he'd be more prepared for that hit. Maybe the Nats didn't get housed in that trade so badly.

J-Red said...

No sympathy for Church there. He was out of the baseline and going in high. I do respect him for giving up his body in a 4-run game to try to stop the game-ending double play, but Escobar definitely didn't do anything wrong.

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