May 20, 2008

Things I Saw at Preakness

J-Red has covered most of the ECB Preakness field trip in his photo post, but I thought I'd add the things he missed. Here are the things I saw at Preakness:

  • Guys shaking up unopened beer cans, then smashing the cans against their heads to open them, and then chugging the beer, all while a crowd of people chanted "Rumpelstiltskin." That was a new one for me.
  • Port-A-Pot races. You really have to see one of these in person to appreciate the lunacy.
  • A girl pissing on a chain link fence. Standing behind the fence were three police officers who didn't seem to think it was strange.
  • More airborne beer cans than I thought possible. When people ran on top of the Port-A-Pots, they got pelted with beer cans. When there was a crowd of people, they got pelted with beer cans. When there was a big open area, people threw beer cans at each other across it. I hope the flying beer cans don't lead to the end of a BYOB infield.
  • Lots and lots of mud.
  • A whole lot of fights, exactly zero of which were started for a good reason.
  • Many people carried out on ambulances due to their own stupidity.
  • An unbelievable number of losing tickets in my pocket. I bet on all 13 races and didn't cash a single ticket. Ouch.
  • Nine boobs. Refer back to J-Red's post to see why it was an odd number.
  • A girl get booed for incorrectly flashing the crowd (see above)
  • The first Triple Crown winner in 30 years.
Photo credit Matt Rourke - AP, found on the DC Sports Bog

6 Responses:

big tuna said...

Wow, what a waste of beer. You would never see this at a NASCAR race.

You guys haven't talked NHL since the Ovechkin's got eliminated. How about a Finals preview? It is going to be a good one.

J-Red said...

Big Tuna: We're too bitter to write about the Finals. Hopefully it'll fade soon so we can get on it.

Brien: When have you ever seen a fight that was necessary?

Jeremy said...

The Capitals got fucking hosed in Game 7. I'm bitter at hockey referees and their porn star mustache and frankly I sympathise with Jim Schoenfeld and his famous "Have another doughnut" rant available on Youtube. Fuck the NHL Playoffs. Fuck Gary Bettman. Fuck Sidney Crosby, the Ovechkin wannabe. Fuck the Red Wings who swept the Capitals in 1998 and whose only redeeming factor is that their fans have at least have stopped throwing dead octopi on the ice.

Do you get that I'm bitter?

big tuna said...

We have? The dead octopodes are being flung with regularity. It actually caused some controversy in round 1 when Nashville players complained about octopus particles on the ice.

The refs and Bettman suck. The refs clearly fucked up a call in game 4 against the Stars by waving off a goal for some made up reason and afterwards Bettman insisted that they made the right call. It made him look like an idiot. Anyway, good teams will overcome stuff like that and bad teams will complain about it and use it as an excuse.

Jeremy said...

It's hard to overcome when the call is made in Game 7. There ain't much time to overcome that no matter how good you are. A Game 4 call when you're up 3-0... it's a little different.

big tuna said...

That's true. I would agree with that. Harder to overcome... easier to use as an excuse.

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