July 17, 2008

Ugliest Famous Faces in Sports

Are these eyes even human?

Joe Torre - Well-known player and current Dodgers manager, it's a good thing Torre does his job well. No one enjoys looking at him. Thank you, Steinbrenner, for getting rid of Torre in NY. Not only are the Yankees not as good, but we don't have to see Torre as often on national MLB broadcasts.

Dean Smith
- Considered by many to be the greatest college basketball coach ever, UNC's coach was never a looker. As he got older, he started to look more and more like the leper in Braveheart.

Roger Federer - The #1 tennis player in the world would normally have his choice of the hottest females in the world, but not with an ugly mug like Roger's. Roger and his longtime girlfriend turn heads, but not in their direction.

Does this make him and Monica Seles the ultimate ugly tennis couple? Judge for yourself. One look from her might turn you to stone.

Randy Johnson - The Big Unit is one of the best pitchers ever, and one has to wonder how much his face and overall intimidation factor have to do with it. Can you imagine seeing that pock-marked face on top of a 6'10" frame throwing 100 mph heat at you? Just ask Kruk how that feels.

Pierluigi Collina - One of the best soccer referees ever, Collina has a unique appearance, unique enough that some pictures make you wonder if he's even human.

"Greetings, earthlings."

The serial killer look suits him as well.

"Chianti and fava beans, anyone?"

Dishonorable Mention: Coach K and a variety of Duke players (Battier/Boozer/Shelden Williams/Hurley/Laettner)

"Ugliest face? Who, me?"

9 Responses:

calhouj2 said...

Joe Torre might be one of the only people who actually looks better as he gets older!

I found this other list that you might think is interesting. Ranks other ugly athletes.


J-Red said...

I think we just get more used to Joe Torre as he gets older.

I nominate Kent Hrbek.

mbinm said...

can't have an "ugliest athletes" list without Otis Nixon

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Mike Hampton and Troy Taylor (former Ohio State basketball player)

Nic said...

umm...Andre Kirilenko...

"ben" said...

You listed the Dukies, but what about UNC? Oh, what was that guys name?

Anonymous said...

no n!ggers?


ewing and big papi are freaking apes.

J-Red said...

I'm not going to delete that last comment just because I think it's important to remember that our readers can be racist/stupid/annoying/cowardly, or, in this case, all of the above.

JH29 said...

Nice list! i definitely agree with some thats on your list but some i dont.
i have compiled my own list of top 6...

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