October 23, 2007

Week 7 NFL Against the Spread Recap and Standings

Mediocre weeks all the way around. We all got burned by at least one AFC North team, and three of us were hurt by both the Ravens and Steelers.

Brien (2-3-0) BAL, IND, KC, PIT, TB
Jeremy (2-3-0) ATL, BAL, IND, PIT, WAS
J-Red (3-2-0) BAL, DAL, DET, NE, PIT
Russell (3-2-0) CHI, CIN, NO, NYG, PIT
Magic 8 (1-4-0) ARI, BAL, JAX, NO, PIT

Magic 8 (18-12-5) - .585
Jeremy (16-14-5) - .529
Brien (16-18-1) - .471
J-Red (15-18-2) - .457
Russell (14-20-1) - .414

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