October 23, 2007

Quick Hitters

1) The Red Sox dropped Tim Wakefield from their World Series roster, yet Eric Gagne is still with the team? I understand Wakefield's shoulder requires a lot of healing time between starts now, but who is more valuable? Wakefield for seven innings out of the bullpen if a starter gets rocked/injured, or Gagne in mop-up duty in a game so out of hand that the Red Sox don't care if he allows seven runs in an inning.

2) Atlanta has waived starting DT Grady Jackson. Let the bidding begin, right after we verify that he didn't just fail a substance abuse test. Sixth-round Division II rookie Trey Lewis will take over. Coming off the suspension of Vick and DeAngelo Hall, Petrino is definitely sending a message that he wants to be the next NFL commissioner.

3) This blog had a lot of Sopranos traffic back when the final season was wrapping up. Now, David Chase has commented on the finale. I'll save you some pretentious BS, which the interview drips with, and let you know that the ending basically meant "life goes on", as many people supposed.

bljljblahblahblahblah I see room for a "For Rent" sign

4) The K.C./Philly/Oakland Athletics are moving to Fremont, CA. At the very leasy, they're done in Oakland. As the owner, Lew Wolff, said, "We're not moving to Timbuktu. We're just moving down the street." Wouldn't Timbuktu also be preferable to Oakland?

5) Apparently, the Rockies sold their World Series tickets online. The first go-round didn't work, as ticket brokers used computers that generated random codes to try to beat the "human proof" aspect of the ticket website. Wait a second, your team, with one of the smallest fan bases in baseball, is playing the Red Sox, with the second-largest. Let's sell the tickets online to anyone in the country! Brilliant! In the future, make them camp out. Does "Let's Go Red Sox!" carry further in thin air too?

6) It's late October, and that can only mean one thing. No, not cleavage- (top and rear) exposing Halloween costumes, though I'm for that too. Breeders' Cup is coming up this weekend! Lawyer Ron v. Street Sense in the Classic should be a good race. If you're wagering, know that the Breeders' Cup has traditionally been VERY chalk-heavy.

7) Let the pandering begin! Rudy Giuliani told a Boston-area crowd he is backing the Red Sox over the Rockies, despite his well-known Yankees allegiance. He whipped out the old "root for my league" argument. Yeah, that's why ECB pulls so hard for Duke in the NCAAs. Moron.

8) Maryland AD Debbie Yow's sister, NC State womens' basketball coach Kay Yow is resuming chemo to fight her once-dormant breast cancer. Get better. Partly because she's extended family, and partly because Maryland, Duke, and UNC need to feel good about stomping their conference victims.

12 Responses:

Russell said...

Could Giuliani be any dumber? Is it really prudent to lose votes in NY when he might be facing that state's senator and when that's his big edge in the general election, to gain votes in the heavily Democratic state of Massachusetts? Moron.

More appropriate response: "As president, I would not invite the Red Sox to the White House under any circumstance, even if they did good things outside baseball. Go Yankees!"

Russell said...

For Oakland's "down the street", that's 27 miles away. How many season ticket holders do you know that would be thrilled about adding 27 miles each way to 81 of their summer evenings? Unless a lot of the fan base is already in that direction, it might as well be the far side of the moon. Of course, there are so many people in the Bay area it won't matter.

J-Red said...

I know a few. They were Orioles fans before the Nats came to town.

Agreed on Rudy v. Hillary. Not bright.

"ben" said...

J-Red, what are you talking about? Your dig at Nationals fans doesn't make any sense. The nats are closer to the fans than the Orioles.

Russell said...

I think he meant that the NoVa O's fans were willing to drive that far or farther to see the O's every evening, though even without the Nats, traffic has made that much more painful. Oakland fans might be willing to drive as well.

"ben" said...

Oh, I guess you're right. I just assume anytime he says something about the Nats, it's supposed to be derogatory.

michael said...

The move wont do much for A's fans. Fremont is more central and easier to get to for a lot of the East Bay, where most A's fans are. Most live along the 580 and 680 corridors (Hayward, Castro Valley, Livermore, Pleasanton, Danville, San Ramon), and unless you live in Walnut Creek (and if you do, you can afford a driver to take you to all the games), Fremont is closer, easier to get to, and subjects you to MUCH less traffic than Oakland. Your average A’s fan probable lives in Pleasanton…equidistant from Fremont and Oakland, but there are two freeways going to Fremont (880 and 680) and only one to Oakland (580)…with the latter being far more congested.

Also, the fact that it wont change things for most East Bay fans, and is so much closer to San Jose (home of 1.5 million peope) is a positive. Half of San Jose is A's fans, and they now will have a 20 minute drive to the new stadium instead of an hour to Mount Davis. The only real downside is lack of public transportation by either BART (SF area commuter train) or CalTrans (San Jose's commuter train)...but with the opening not scheduled until 2012, I am sure that could be remedied. Almost all around, this is a positive.

As an aside, man does that stadium suck...I went to an A's game there a few years ago and am going to the Raiders/Bears game there on 11/11...I'll let you know how much it sucks.

michael said...

Well I suppose 580 parallels 880 going to Oakland for a while, but the traffic from Alameda to Richmond (right through Oakland) is some of the worst you will ever see.

J-Red said...

And with only 33,000 or so seats, public transportation isn't totally necessary. I remember when I was a kid, maybe early early 90's, the Giants had even unveiled a San Jose Giants logo, because they were that close to moving.

Dewey said...

"Wouldn't Timbuktu also be preferable to Oakland?"

Don't be hatin' on Oaktown!

Dewey said...

PS: Don't buy into the pro-Fremont hype! All around, it's a negative for the A's!

That's my very biased opinion.

J-Red said...

I forgot Dewey actually lives in the Bay Area. What would you suggest they do, then? They say there's no site in Oakland proper.

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