October 25, 2007

Week 8 NFL Against the Spread Pick-Off

We're nearing the halfway mark of the season, with all the human pickers foundering at or below .500. Hopefully, we've started to figure enough of this season out to right the ship as we move forward.

Jeremy and Magic 8 Ball (16-14-5) and (18-12-5)

Jeremy's Picks:

It's pretty incredible that I'm still in the lead amongst humans after yet another losing week. It's been quite some time since I put up some good numbers. And a lot of crapshoots out there this week don't exactly help. On to the picks...

Indianapolis (-6.5) over CAROLINA - Even at home, giving Carolina and David Carr anything less than a touchdown against the undefeated Colts with Marvin Harrison healthy is a sin.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over CINCINNATI - Well the Steelers blew it for all five of us on MNF against the Broncos, but the Steelers didn't play badly against Denver... I just worry if they'll keep pace with the Bengals offense.

ST. LOUIS (+3) over Cleveland - With Stephen Jackson back, this is the week that St. Louis gets off the schneid.

Philadelphia (-1) over MINNESOTA - Donovan McNabb LOVES domes... the Vikings D is good, but McNabb will seize this game. Finally...

Washington (+16) over NEW ENGLAND - I should have put in my bet on Monday when the line was still 17, but I'll be the sucker who takes this line simply because the 'Skins will run the hell out of the ball to limit Patriots possessions to the point where they'll have to score on a ridiculous percentage of possessions to beat this spread. The 'Skins have kicked my ass all season long in these picks though.

Magic 8 Ball Picks:

Indianapolis (-6.5) over CAROLINA - "Don't count on it." [Panthers beating the spread]

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over CINCINNATI - "My answer is no." [Bengals won't beat the spread]

Cleveland (-3) over ST. LOUIS - "No." [Rams won't beat the spread]

MINNESOTA (+1) over Philadelphia - "Signs point to yes." [Vikings will beat the spread]

NEW ENGLAND (-16) over Washington - "Yes." [Patriots will beat the spread]

Brien (16-18-1)

Two weeks ago, I made only contrarian picks and went 1-4. Last week, I went with conventional wisdom and went 2-3. This week I'm not even going to look at the betting trends. We'll see how that goes.

Indianapolis (-6.5) over CAROLINA - Dungy is too good of a coach to let the Colts overlook this game.

Jacksonville (+4) over TAMPA BAY - I like the Bucs, but there is no way the Jags should be getting points in this game.

TENNESSEE (-7.5) over Oakland - The Raiders just aren't that good, and Vince Young looks healthy enough to keep the Titans well out in front.

Washington (+16) over NEW ENGLAND - I know gamblers are supposed to ride hot streaks until they end, but I like the Redskins to keep this closer than two touchdowns. The Patriots may be looking ahead to next week enough that they forget to run up the score.

New Orleans (-2.5) over SAN FRANCISCO - Two teams headed in different directions.

J-Red (15-18-2)

Time to get back to or above .500 this week.

New Orleans (-2.5) over SAN FRANCISCO - New Orleans looks like they've found their footing. The Niners are counting on Arnaz Battle. That shouldn't end well.

N.Y. Giants (-9) over MIAMI - I like the Giants this year. Coughlin lucked into a pretty good running back rotation after he was forced to give Derrick Ward a look when Jacobs went down. This Miami team is reeling (and poorly coached).

NEW ENGLAND (-16) over Washington - This is not a good defensive matchup for the Skins. My only concern is that Santana matches Randy in the battle of the jumpball kings.

Detroit (+5) over CHICAGO - If they keep giving me underdog lines for the Lions against crappy NFC North teams, I'm going to keep cashing in on them.

Jacksonville (+4) over TAMPA BAY - I know David Garrard is out. Fred Taylor and MJD are playing, though, right?

Russell (14-20-1)

I'm going out on a limb and picking some mediocre teams to win. It should be interesting.

Cleveland (-3) over ST LOUIS - Cleveland is still not getting the respect they deserve.

CHICAGO (-5) over Detroit - Griese is sharp, the D is healthy, and it's on grass, none of which were true at Detroit.

SAN FRANCISCO (+2.5) over New Orleans - The SF defense is pretty good, and even Trent Dilfer can exploit the Saints secondary.

MINNESOTA (+1) over Philadelphia - Adrian Peterson, and the Minny D is as good as the Bears D.

TAMPA BAY (-4) over Jacksonville - Even if Garrard and Jones-Drew are healthy, Tampa is better.

Recap and Standings

Magic 8 (18-12-5) - .585
Jeremy (16-14-5) - .529
Brien (16-18-1) - .471
J-Red (15-18-2) - .457
Russell (14-20-1) - .414

Brien - IND, JAX, NO, TEN, WAS
Jeremy - IND, PHI, PIT, STL, WAS
Russell - CHI, CLE, MIN, SF, TB
Magic 8 - CLE, IND, MIN, NE, PIT

(Italics indicate dissent, which there is a lot of this week.)

2 Responses:

michael said...

SAN FRANCISCO (+2.5) over New Orleans - When in doubt, take the home dog, dawg.

N.Y. Giants (-9) over MIAMI - I love the fins to death, but they just suck. Trading Chambers was throwing in the towel…they’re done.

Washington (+16) over NEW ENGLAND - I just cant give 16 points…even with this vindictive Pats team.

Detroit (+5) over CHICAGO - Wait…I get 5 points betting AGAINST the Bears? Is this Christmas?

TAMPA BAY (-4) over Jacksonville - A good team at home + Quinn Gray starting for the Jags = Tampa covering.

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