October 22, 2007

Red Sox Nation

Congratulations Boston Red Sox. You have become the New York Yankees of this decade. Your fans are the most annoying in all of baseball. You freely overspend and price other teams out of players because you can. Every single person who went to college for at least one month in Boston or has at least one great grandparent who was born in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, claims to be a lifelong Red Sox fan and member of Red Sox nation. For my money, it's about the most ironic thing I've ever witnessed in sports. And the funniest is to see how a member of Red Sox nation completely flips out if you make this seemingly rational argument to them. Call it "The Curse of the Overexposed."

And while we're on the topic of Game 7, nice to see that Joel Skinner (Indians third base coach) is employed by Rachel Phelps (and if you don't get this reference, why are you reading this blog?) Now she'll get to move that team to sunny Florida after all. Oh, wait... talk about a plot line that didn't exactly stand the test of time.

And one more topic... since when did baseball playoffs become like The Stanley Cup Playoffs? I've seen more baseball players this postseason who have grown beards out for the duration of the playoffs than I'd ever seen. Come on... that's only cool in a sport where mullets have not yet gone out of style. Even J-Red sensibly shaved his mini-goatee/beard a few years ago.

6 Responses:

Brien said...

I thought you meant the baseball playoffs are like the NHL playoffs because I tend to forget that they're even going on, and no one watches the games because they're on obscure cable channels.

And for other people who missed the reference and are too lazy to google it, go here.

J-Red said...

Randy Quaid's best work since National Lampoon's Vacation.

"REAL tomato ketchup, Eddie?"

"Nuthin' but the best for you, Clark."

Jeremy said...

Um... where/who was Randy Quaid in the original Major League?

J-Red said...

One of the three loser fans they would cut to for reactions.

IMDB has him as only being in Major League II, and uncredited, but I am pretty sure he's in Major League also.

JJT said...

Jeremy, I am one of the few folks who attended school in Boston and did not leave as a "lifelong Red Sox fan." Being from Baltimore, I used to go to games at Fenway and chant 1918, and this was when getting tickets to Fenway was easy. Now you can't smell them on account of the Idiots and that stupid Jimmy Fallon movie.

As for their fans, I could not agree more. Red Sox fans and their idiotic nation have become worse than Yankee fans--there's something I never thought would happen.

I count some good people from Boston as friends, and they are not nearly as bad as every other idiot I see at Camden (when I can stomach watching such a bad team take the field) wearing their Manny/Big Papi/Schilling jersey.

There's nothing more annoying than an obnoxious Red Sox fan.

michael said...

Its sad but true about Sox fans and "Sox Nation." First, last, and only, I am a Dodgers fan. But spending five years growing up in Connecticut as a Yankee hater I started to root for the Red Sox as my "token AL team", and have done so for almost 20 years now. (Although keeping in mind that I do not watch any AL baseball until September and October...I generally am an NL-only guy). But with all the crap going on, they just arent likeable anymore. I certainly do not hate them like I do the Yankess and Giants, but I no longer can root for them. After rooting for the Sox in the AL for almsot 2 decades, I found myself enthusiastically cheering for the fighting braves of the Cuyahoga in this years ALCS. Damn Rachel Phelps.

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