November 30, 2007

4 arrested in Taylor murder

So I'm about to go to bed, but need to post quick on this. 4 arrests in Sean Taylor's homicide, police tips led directly to the suspects, the gunman is in custody. Important notes:

1) This WAS a burglary gone bad. It's really sad, but in a way, I think it's a relief to us Redskin fans to know that our memories of Sean aren't going to be tainted by him in any way bearing any of the blame for his own death.

2) One of the guys in custody's brother is dating Sean Taylor's half-sister. You follow? Burglar's brother dating Taylor's sister. The same sister who also happened to be the primary caretaker of Sean's residence during the football season. That would be how these guys knew that Taylor lived there and targeted the residence.

It is still unclear if these were the same guys who broke in a few days ago, but my suspicion as of right now is that they were. They broke in a few days before to scope things out, weren't prepared to carry all out that they wanted to, so they came back with knowledge of what was there and knowledge of the layout of the premises. Only this time, unexpectedly, Sean was there. Sean hears them in the place, and gets out of his bed with the machete. They come straight for his bedroom because evidently that's where he kept his safe and a number of other valuables. They enter, he lunges at them with machete, they fire twice in a panic, once missing and once with the kill shot.

Florida, with it's ridiculously high execution rate, will be getting the syringes and gurney ready for whoever pulled the trigger (unless he was the 17 year-old who can be tried as an adult but not executed as per the Supreme Court).

Oh, and Mike Wilbon needs to retract and/or apologize for the piece of trash he wrote in The Washington Post, or he really might be run out of town. People are ANGRY now that it's come out that Taylor had no involvement and bears zero blame for what befell him.

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

I'm going to defend Wilbon here a second. Wilbon said, on PTI, on Redskins Radio, and in The Post, that he was not surprised. That doesn't mean that he thought Sean brought anything on himself, but only that he's no longer surprised when athletes who grow up in bad conditions have bad things happen to them. He explained that best on Redskins Radio, but that was his point.

Second, I'm far more depressed that this was a burglary gone wrong. Maybe I should aspire to upper-middle class rather than real wealth. If I get wealthy I'll have four punks in my house who would rather shoot and kill me than leave if I'm unexpectedly home.

J-Red said...

I also should extend congratulations to the detectives investigating this crime. Based on the initial misinformation that had been bandied about immediately after the crime, I was skeptical that the police would have enough to go on to find the culprit(s) quickly. They appear to have done just that and obtained confessions.

Chris said...

Three of the four men charged in the death of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor were denied bond early Saturday in Lee County Circuit Court. Venjah Hunte, 20, Eric Rivera, 17, and Charles Wardlow, 18, were charged with felony murder, home invasion and armed robbery. A fourth man, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19, faces the same counts and will make his first court appearance Sunday morning. Jason Mitchell mowed Sean Taylor’s lawn and was also paid to do other yard work for him. Charles Wardlow attended a birthday party at Taylor’s house recently for Taylor’s sister, Tasha Johnson, who dates Wardlow’s cousin.

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