November 27, 2007

Week 12 NFL Against the Spread Recap and Standings

At least three of the four humans are over .500, even if two of them barely qualify. I still think we have a valid race through the last five weeks.

Brien (4-1-0) - CLE, GB, NE, SD, TB
Jeremy (3-2-0) - CLE, GB, NYG, OAK, WAS
J-Red (3-2-0) - DAL, DEN, JAX, NE, TB
Russell (1-4-0) - BUF, DET, KC, IND, PIT
Magic 8 (3-2-0) - CLE, DET, NYG, OAK, TB

Magic 8 (35-19-6 for .633)
Jeremy (30-24-6 for .550)
Brien (30-28-2 for .517)
J-Red (29-28-3 for .508)
Russell (25-33-2 for .433)

2 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Don't I get a bonus half point for picking the Grey Cup correct? The Rough Riders didn't cover.

J-Red said...

No, you lose the end of season tiebreaker for that.

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