November 29, 2007

We Own the Big 10... how about a new challenge?

Alright... it's official. This is not a "challenge" anymore. Nothing is a challenge when the same conference has won all of the almost ten years the "challenge" has been in existence. It used to at least be close. But now, the ACC is top-to-bottom ten times the conference the Big 10 is. I'm ready to pull my hair out watching Big 10 basketball. And I just can't get excited anymore when I see Illinois or Wisconsin on the schedule anymore.

ESPN has already created the SEC/Big East Challenge. Well how about we let the ACC/Big 10 Challenge finish out ten years, and then rip apart both challenges and create the ACC/Big East Challenge? It could look a little something like this:

Terps-Georgetown (the obvious)

Duke-UConn (two coaches who are both generally loathed)

UNC-Louisville (an all-out power game)

VaTech-WVU (bad blood in this old school Big East rivalry)

Syracuse-BC (see above)

Miami-Notre Dame (reincarnate Catholics vs. Convicts)

FSU-South Florida (battle of Panhandle versus rest of state)

Wake-Depaul (battle of the Demons... Blue Demons vs. Demon Deacons. plus gotta pair the religious schools)

NC State-Villanova (I love the 80s)

UVA-Rutgers (UVA students would faint at the thought of playing a New Jersey state school

Georgia Tech-Providence (need someplace to put GaTech)

Clemson-Pittsburgh (see above; this could also be a very good game)

Tell me that's not a kick-ass slate of games. A whole hell of a lot better than Northwestern/UVA. Come on powers that be... get this going.

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

I'm on board. All you have to tell ESPN is that they'd be tapping New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Miami, Tampa, and Chicago. That beats Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

"ben" said...

Speaking on behalf of the Big Ten, I agree. It's not really embarrasing how the B10 gets whooped every year, because it's obvious that the ACC basketball was, is, will always be better than the Big Ten.

J-Red said...

Especially from top to bottom, which is what the challenge entails.

J-Red said...

The only problem with this proposal is that I like the slotting system (even if it doesn't work well, like UNC-OSU) because it creates more rematches.

"ben" said...

I think for the ACC/Big East challenge, the current system would work. It's more fair than having a rivalry system, like interleague play in baseball.

I wonder what would happen if Maryland and Georgetown were matched up in the ACC/Big East challenge. Would Gary refuse to play if it were at Georgetown?

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