November 29, 2007

Championship Week CFB Picks

See? I really was saving up my good picks for last week. The way this season has gone, 7-4 is cause for celebration. There will be a bowl picks edition of this column some time after finals. Good luck to those of you still in school.

BOSTON COLLEGE (+4.5) over VaTech - VT is mad they lost last time, but Ryan wasn't sharp in the wind and rain either. I don't think VT's offense will be any better than last time.

Tennessee (+7.5) over LSU - Tennessee can put up some points on LSU's recently exposed defense. All you have to do is look back to the Tenn-UGA game to know the Vols can win.

MISSOURI (+3.5) over Oklahoma - I think the Tigers being underdogs will get them really fired up. They are #1. I'd be insulted.

Last Week: 7-4
Season: 42-51-5

1 Responses:

Veronica Love said...

Dude I'm sorry, that you got all three wrong.

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