June 21, 2007

Dave Trembley - Not Even a Good Liar

Orioles interim manager Dave Trembley explained why Miguel Tejada bunted and then was pinch run for in the top of the first. According to Trembley in the post-game interview, Miggy wasn't comfortable once he got in the batters box because of his wrist injury.

How did you know that? How did you give him the bunt sign then? Roberts was running pre-pitch so he knew the bunt was on.

Why did you move Miggy up from 4th in the batting order to 2nd before the game, prompting the radio crew to comment, "He's going to keep the streak alive and then get yanked"?

Trembley knew he was caught in a lie right after he said it. He started answering questions very slowly and kept citing Tejada's illustrious career. As Lewis Black has said (in better words), I don't mind be lying to by authority figures, but at least humor me and do it right.

If Trembley manages this team one more time, I'm officially totally done with baseball. I can deal with crappy meddlesome owners, but I won't deal with a manager participating in a sham that could lead to Ripken's legitimate record being stolen.

4 Responses:

mattymatty said...

If the crappy not-the-manager screwing with Miguel Tejada's not-The-Streak is enough to make you quit baseball, then you may as well quit.

J-Red said...

It's just a proverbial camel back breaking straw.

Now it appears that Tejada will be forced out for a while with a non-displaced wrist fracture. The whole thing might be moot. It's good to see David Steele at the Baltimore Sun, among others, agreeing that the cheap trick to extend the streak is not acceptable to Baltimore.

michael said...

I compeltely agree in principle...but isnt Tejada still close to a decade away from Cal's record? I wouldnt worry about it being broken.

J-Red said...

It's not just about the record, which certainly will not be broken by Tejada. It's about that record being the one positive thing in the past 20 years for Baltimore Orioles' fans to hold onto. If you get the Orioles, you get why this disrespect for the record should not even occur to a potential manager of the team.

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