June 21, 2007

Terps OT Gaither Academically Ineligible

Thank God the Ravens still appear to be in one piece. This hasn't been a good year for Maryland sports.

ESPN story here.

4 Responses:

Brien said...

God dammit. How hard is it for a fucking division 1 athlete to stay eligible?

J-Red said...

At Maryland no less.... It's not like the classes have 10 people and attendance is mandatory. You show up for your GEOG100 exam after being tutored on it and after reviewing years of past exams and do your best to pull a C-.

Josh said...

there've been rumblings of this for a long, long time. This is no surprise at all. What would be a surprise is if he actually did return to school and work through it and get one more year on the field.

I think he'll head to the Supplemental Draft and be picked up for someone's 3rd rounder or something. The guy isn't a student...he even prepped a year for academic reasons before showing up. I'd like to see him play more for us because he's really talented, but we don't give a free ride like some schools, and Fridge wouldn't have let him play even if the NCAA was okay with it.

J-Red said...

I think we assumed he was going supplemental and didn't even address that aspect.

Yeah, he's going in the supplemental for sure. My bet would be on the 49ers. Nolan needs OL and he has to think his pick next year won't be as high as this year's.

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