June 21, 2007

Fire Dave Trembley NOW

Is that Sam Perlozzo character still available? Miguel Tejada was struck on the wrist last night by a pitch. X-rays were negative, and Tejada said he'd play today so long as the wrist wasn't broken. He played all right. He batted 2nd in the top of the first, bunting weakly back to the pitcher and getting Brian Roberts thrown out at second. Tejada was immediately pinch run for by Chris Gomez.

Why? To keep his consecutive games streak alive. To my knowledge, Ripken never did that. In fact, Ripken also holds the record for consecutive innings played. In the town where Ripken can do no wrong, cheaply keeping Tejada's consecutive games streak alive is unacceptable. Even though Tejada ultimately makes the call, I have to blame Trembley for letting Tejada perpetuate this fraud on the Charm City. We're searching for a new manager to re-institute the Orioles' Way. Trembley's Way is not in tune with that spirit.

On the list of sham attempts to influence records, this, to me, exceeds Brett Favre lying down so Michael Strahan could get Gastineau's sack record. The whole point of being the Iron Man is that you not only show up every day, but you show up every day to play every out, and you're good enough to do it without hurting the team. I, personally, can't wait for the O's to trade Tejada, but they can replace Trembley without a suitor. Bring on Rick Dempsey!

8 Responses:

Brien said...

That's absurd, both of them should be run out of town immediately. I don't think many people would have had a problem with Tejada breaking Ripken's streak, as long as it was legit. After today, it's definitely not.

J-Red said...

Trembley's post game cop-out:


Miggy thought he could go. Once he got to the batters box, he didn't feel comfortable. Miggy wanted to go, but Trembley said no.

Ummmm.....so why was Miggy initially in the 4th spot in the order, and then switched to 2nd right before the game. I heard this on the radio, the initial lineup did not include Brian Roberts. The second cut had Roberts leading off and Miggy 2nd, not 4th. Trembley is full of shit.

He knows there's some controversy. He tried to cite all the great things Tejada has done. He tried to pretend he made the call to yank Miggy. Clearly Trembley was pressured not to get Miggy hurt this close to the trade deadline. Once this game has faded from memory, they can still cite how durable Miggy is when they tease him to other teams.

Trembley's a shill. I really don't like him.

Brien said...

OK, it turns out Ripken did play a 1 inning game in 1989. He also played a 2 inning game once. My memories of the streak may be tainted, but I don't remember him ever pulling something like we saw today.

Here's the list of all the games in his streak:

And this site claims he played 99.8% of the possible innings during the streak:

J-Red said...

Ripken was ejected from both of those games:

"Ripken's famous competitiveness sometimes got the better of him. On September 25, 1987, Ripken was ejected from a game in the bottom of the first inning for arguing a strike call. Listening to the game on the radio, I was initially shocked that Ripken, who seemed such a level-headed man, had lost his temper so early in the game over a such a minor issue. The pitch that he contested wasn't even the third strike. Then I became concerned that Ripken's streak was over because he did not complete an at-bat in the game before he was ejected. Of course, since he had played shortstop in the top of the inning, the streak was still intact. Another ejection under similar circumstances occurred on August 7, 1989."

He actually should have been ejected once late in the streak, but before he passed Gerhig, for arguing balls and strikes during his first at-bat in a road game. I remember there being talk that the umpire gave him a ton of chances before someone calmed him down.

Brien said...

Thanks, I tried to find an explanation for those two games, but couldn't.

One More Dying Quail said...

Ripken may or may not have had games like this, but there were several instances in which Lou Gehrig extended his streak in a questionable manner (including once when the Yankees cancelled a game due to the weather...on a cloudless day) and his reputation held up just fine through the years.

Much ado about nothing, if you ask me (not that anybody did).

J-Red said...

Gehrig also died at a young age of a horrible disease. That makes people a little less likely to criticize his character.

If this whole fiasco has taught me anything, at least I've finally learned how to spell Gehrig.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's a shame one cannot take stupid comments like this off the Internet! Give Trembley the job; drop the "interim" stuff!

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