June 20, 2007

New Caps Jersey Leaked

Wow...this is ugly as hell. Great job Caps.

4 Responses:

Jeremy said...

They are trying to incorporate their throwback (good idea) with new modern colors (bad idea). It looks like the Flyers jersey run amok. I actually like their black home jerseys and have one of their now-retired blue away jerseys. Actually, that is a Peter Bondra jersey that I got signed by the entire '97-'98 team that made it to the Stanley Cup Finals before getting waxed by Detroit in 4 games. People are gonna be pissed who dropped $250 on an authentic Ovechkin home jersey this past year.

J-Red said...

Yeah, I got what they were going for, but they forgot that the allure of the retro jersey was that it was red, white AND BLUE. Just like the hot retro Bullets jersey. This is just a marriage of the worst of both jerseys.

I guess most middle-America hockey fans will have to switch to the Sidney Crosby jersey. Talk about a totally blown opportunity.

Benjamin said...

What was wrong with the old one? I liked the Caps sweaters.

J-Red said...

I'm down with the old ones. I always play using those in NHL '07 for the 360.

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