June 17, 2007

Nats AAA CF Breaks Hit Streak Record

Columbus Clippers' CF Brandon Watson has hit safely in 43 straight games, breaking a 95-year-old International League record, ESPN.com reports. The Clippers are the AAA affiliate for the Washington Nationals.

That puts the Nats in a bit of a quandary. Their regular centerfielder, Ryan Langerhans, is batting an anemic .167 in 118AB this season. Alternate CFer Nook Logan has fallen to a Tony Womack-esque .215 through 79AB. Ryan Church and Austin Kearns have both filled in at CF, but to the detriment of their natural positions.
bllahblahblahbl Brandon Watson would like to parlay his streak into MLB $$$$

So obviously the Nats could use the hot hand up at the big league level, but do they have to wait for him to conclude his hit streak? Does it look bad if they bring him up right after he loses the streak? Given their outlook for this season, would they rather just let Watson continue to develop in AAA, hoping that this isn't a once-in-a-lifetime hot streak for a guy who will return to his previous performance level?

Given that Watson is batting .341, CF Michael Restovich is batting .284, and power-hitting former FSU phenom Darnell McDonald (6HR in one game against Maryland) is batting .317, all with regular at bats at Ottawa, and none of them have been called up, I think it is safe to assume that the Nats are comfortable with their current run production and defensive alignment. If their hot streak continues, they might wonder about some games they might have won with a couple extra hits and runs here and there down the stretch.

6 Responses:

Jeremy said...

a) That was Ryan Bartholomew who hit 6 HR against Maryland. He never made it anywhere once he played summer ball and realized that baseball with a wooden bat is a little different than baseball with an aluminum bat. Darnell McDonald is the former top Oriole prospect who never panned out.

b) Langerhans is batting .229 in the last 30 days. He's getting good contact on the ball. He's fast as hell, and probably our best fielding outfielder. If anybody is in danger of going down for Watson, it is Nook Logan. But Nook is RIDICULOUS on the basepath. I think Watson is going to be tradebait for young arms.

c) Thanks for the dap to a National!!

J-Red said...

We're both wrong, it was Marshall McDougal who hit the six homers against Maryland in a 26-2 romp by FSU. He hit .167 in 18 games with the Rangers in 2005.

Nook Logan only has six stolen bases in seven attempts. Why aren't they pinch running him more?

J-Red said...

Then again, the Nats only have 21 stolen bases this year. Even the O's have 52.

Jeremy said...

Watch Nook sometime. He has a horrible move from first to second and is really easy to pick off. He is just a total speedster on the bases. I saw him steal on Paul Bako the other night (yeah, I know, not too difficult), but he had about a three foot lead off first and didn't anticipate the pitch very well but he took the base like Greenberger taking seconds at the buffet.

kungpao said...

Acta doesn't like to run, which diminishes Nook's value even further. Call up Watson. In any case, isn't he something of a speedster as well?

3RunHomer said...

Our man McDonald got some press. Darnell McDonald made the 2007 Ken Phelps All-Star team.

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