December 14, 2007

Cutcliffe to DUKE!?!?!

That's right, the quarterback coach known for grooming both Mannings to NFL successes (and Heath Shuler to western North Carolina congressional success) is now taking the reins of a storied NCAA franchise.

Yes! Duke Football! David Cutcliffe, formerly the Offensive Coordinator of not-embarassing Tennessee, will have to meet such lofty standards as winning one ACC game each season, as well as convincing his players to not rape strippers from North Carolina Central. A lofty task for many, but when you make Heath Shuler and Tee Martin look like NFLers, the sky is the limit.

If you're worried that Cutcliffe won't be able to motivate his players in front of an empty home "stadium", you're mistaken! Cutcliffe got a lot out of mediocre Tennessee QBs in practices before upwards of 500 people. There's no reason to think he can't recreate that magic at Duke.

I, for one, can't see how Duke won't be one of the top teams in the ACC soon. It is obvious that Virginia Tech, Boston College, Miami, Florida State and Clemson are just dying to win only five games next year. Sadly, five wins for Duke would put Cutcliffe on the fast track to an NFL job, the way things are going now.

Have you ever heard of Kirk Ferentz? He made Iowa respectable one season and became the talk of the NFL. He's currently 73-70 in NCAA and 38-34 in the Big Tenleven. Yeah, that was enough to make him a coaching candidate in the NFL.

Good work Cutcliffe. You hung around just enough Mannings to make it to the big time: Duke.

2 Responses:

Dewey ( said...

Eli went to Ole Miss, not Tennessee.

Russell said...

Cutcliffe was head coach at Ole Miss when Eli was there.

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