December 15, 2007

Gillespie, Beilein Regretting Their Choices?

I know it's early, but Billy Gillespie and John Beilein have to be dreaming of the greener pastures they left. Billy is now 4-4 at Kentucky, with embarrassing losses to Gardner-Webb and UAB. Beilein has Michigan at 4-7, with embarrassing losses to WKU, Harvard, and Central Mich. Neither team has beaten anyone of note (Oakland is probably the best win for either program).

Meanwhile, Texas A&M and West Virginia both only have 1 loss.

I don't think anyone realistically expects this to last, since both coaches built programs at schools not known for basketball. I see no reason why each won't do well, but you have to wonder why there are so many bad losses already. Did Tubby and Tommy leave the cupboards that bare? Have the players not bought into the new system? Expect the natives to get restless in both places if this continues, though the leash will be longer in Ann Arbor. Billy better hurry up and sign that contract that was "mostly" agreed upon when he was hired.

Also, guess who looks pretty smart right now? Tubby Smith. They love him in Minnesota, expectations are way lower, and the team is 7-1 (only loss at FSU, which all ACC fans know is a tough place to play). He's got to feel great about life right now. Good for him. UK fans never appreciated Tubby for how great a coach he is because he isn't Rick Pitino.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

Almost always, the jobs are available for a reason.

"ben" said...

Man, you guys just love to come into my wheelhouse.

"Expect the natives to get restless in both places if this continues, though the leash will be longer in Ann Arbor."

Yeah, the leash is long. I mean, we all knew this was going to take time. I don't think anyone is ready to run Beilein out of town.

Personally, I was never all that happy about the Beilein hire because everyone says it's so difficult for players to pick up, so this is the kind of disaster I was expecting. Okay, maybe not this bad, but I am not overly shocked by these losses.

Beilein gets four years, in my mind. If we are still making the NIT at best, he's out.

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