December 15, 2007

Richest Rodriguez?

"I want the Alabama job."

"No, wait, sorry, I forgot that I had two candidates for the Heisman."

"Oh, we lost to Pittsburgh and blew our shot at the National Championship?"

"Is that Alabama job still available?"

blahblakjskfjakajakahblah Seriously, this is him.

Forget Bobby Petrino. Rich Rodriguez, the head coach at West Virginia (known as West Virginny to those of us here), has always been looking for the next step up. Through the fog of uncertainty comes the gilded hand of Michigan.

The old anti-WVU cheer (that can be printed):

Go back!
Go back!
Go back into the woods!

The new cheer involves Victors Valliant. Step forward into the chilly but receptive airs of Ann Arbor. I see this happening, and I see it happening prior to the bowl game.

Will Michigan ever run an offense as creative as WVU's the past couple years? No. Will Michigan ever be a power again? No. Will Michigan's fall mimic Nebraska's? Yes. Have fun in the only place I would call crappier than Morgantown Coach Rodriguez. It should be....well....something.

It's been pointed out that Rodriguez has a $4M buyout to get out of his commitment to WVU. Former WVU basketball coach John Beilein had a similar $2.5M buyout clause, but the Michigan boosters paid $1.5M on his behalf. You don't think they'd do more for a football coach?

9 Responses:

"ben" said...


Why do you insist on tormenting me?

J-Red: I see this happening, and I see it happening prior to the bowl game.

ben: I do not see this happening. The buyout is $4 million. Martin didn't even want to pay $1.5 for Beilein. I don't think they realized the buyout was $4 million when they scheduled the meeting. Yes, I have that little respect for Martin's intelligence these days.

J-Red: Will Michigan ever run an offensive as creative as WVU's the past couple years? No.

ben: Depends on the coach. Rich Rod would recruit for it. Obviously the problem is they can't run it with Mallett. So would we have one awkward transition, or two?

J-Red: Will Michigan ever be a power again? No.

ben: Depends on what you mean by "ever" and "power." They will never go back to the Fielding Yost days, no. And they are not about to reach Ohio State's level, but maybe they can get there in 20 years, who knows?

J-Red: Will Michigan's fall mimic Nebraska's? Yes.

ben: If they bring someone in (Rich Rod) who only knows how to run a gimmick offense based on speed, then the answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes. This is why I'd rather have Pinkel who has a passing spread (who we are not calling).

J-Red: Have fun in the only place I would call shittier than Morgantown Coach Rodriguez.

ben: Now I know you're doing that just to piss me off. The state of Michigan stinks, but Ann Arbor is a very nice town, you asshole.

"ben" said...

I mean seriously, J-Red, can you honestly tell me you think College Park is a nicer town than Ann Arbor?

I know you're going to come up with some idiotic answer to that question to justify your insane position. So let's hear it.

J-Red said...

I never said anything about College Park, which I hate. I said something about Morgantown.

Did you notice how www.firerichrodriguez did not go up 10 minutes after WVU lost to Pitt? A town can be better than its collection of buildings and McDonald's.

"ben" said...

You said Ann Arbor is the only place shittier than Morgantown. (No, you did not say Ann Arbor by name, but that was the only possible conclusion to draw.)

You took the LSATs, I think you can figure out the answer to this question:

The only place shittier than Morgantown is Ann Arbor. Which is shittier, Ann Arbor or College Park?

So no, J-Red, you did not "say" anything about College Park, but logic forces me to believe you rate College Park ahead of Ann Arbor.

By the way, my sources are now telling me this Rich Rod to UM thing is serious and W. Va is already talking about getting Tommy Bowden. So congrats, Maryland, you may actually get to beat West Virginia again.

michael said...

And here is an SAT analogy:

Ann Arbor is to College Park


Santa Barbara is to El Paso

"ben" said...

Sources are now saying he's staying, but we should hear either way from the man himself soon.

J-Red said...

I meant the State of Michigan is the only place crappier than Morgantown. That's a bit of hyperbole though.

"ben" said...

It's also an odd and non-SAT like comparison.

Comparing a town to a state? That's not logical.

J-Red said...

Ben, clearly logic does not apply when dealing with all things Michigan.

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