December 13, 2007

Week 15 NFL Against the Spread Picks

We're definitely nearing crunch time, with Jeremy and Brien duking it out for the lead with J-Red just on the fringe.

Brien (36-32-2 for .529)

A few more 4-1 weeks and I'll regain my rightful place at the top.

NY GIANTS (-4) over Washington - The Redskins still suck, and the Giants are trying to secure a home playoff game. [J-Red's note: The only way the Giants could have a home playoff game is if 5 beats 4, 6 beats 3, 5 beats 2 and 6 beats 1. Then the NFC Championship would be at the Meadowlands.]

CLEVELAND (-5.5) over Buffalo - I see no reason to stop picking the Browns.

Tennessee (-4) over KANSAS CITY - At this point in the year, I like to pick teams with a shot at making the playoffs over teams that have already been eliminated.

HOUSTON (PK) over Denver - In the last month and change, the Broncos have lost @OAK, @CHI, and @DET. I think the Texans can handle them.

CAROLINA (+7) over Seattle - I had a really hard time finding a 5th game to pick, so when in doubt, go with the home dog getting a touchdown.

Jeremy (36-28-6 for .557) & Magic 8 Ball (39-25-6 for .600)

Jeremy's Picks:

Well a stinker of a week helped make this a race down to the wire. And given my lack of experience picking games before the season, if you were betting on a field vs. Jeremy to win it all, I'd take the field. We're also at the point where Vegas knows who the good teams are and adjusts the spreads accordingly. No more gimme games. On to the picks, and the pressure is on this week:

Seattle (-7) over CAROLINA - Seattle has to make the tough trip 3,000 miles east, but they have the firepower to beat a dreadful Panthers team and cover this spread.

Chicago (+9.5) over MINNESOTA - I'd like the extra half point to increase the odds of a push. Call me crazy, but the Vikings are a pretty one-dimensional team and the Bears' run defense is pretty staunch.

Indianapolis (-10.5) over OAKLAND - Fear the Colts. They are more balanced on offense than the Pats. Oakland isn't THAT much better than the Ravens. We all know what happened last weekend.

Baltimore (-3) over MIAMI - Listen, I've heard all the talk about how terrible it would be if the Ravens lost. Not going to happen. There are numerous college teams that could beat the 'Fins.

NEW ORLEANS (-3.5) over Arizona - Saints passing attack versus the 24th-ranked pass defense in the league, on the Superdome turf. I like the Saints.

Magic 8 Ball Picks:

CAROLINA (+7) over Seattle - "Signs point to yes." [Panthers beating spread]

Chicago (+9.5) over MINNESOTA - "No" [Vikings won't beat spread]

Indianapolis (-10.5) over OAKLAND - "My answer is no." [Raiders won't beat spread]

Baltimore (-3) over MIAMI - "No" [Dolphins won't beat spread]

Arizona (+3.5) over NEW ORLEANS - "My answer is no." [Saints won't beat spread]

J-Red (34-33-2 for .507)

NY GIANTS (-4) over Washington - I can't even begin to explain how this is a no-brainer for me. The Giants are already far and above the best wild card team in the NFC, and they can cement that against the drained Skins and Todd Collins.

PITTSBURGH (-4) over Jacksonville - Did someone say nasty weather?

New York Jets (+24.5) over NEW ENGLAND - Did someone say nasty weather?

DALLAS (-10) over Philly - Philly has absolutely nothing left to play for, even in a heated rivalry game.

Baltimore (-3) over MIAMI - Yeah, I'm scared. I just don't like any of the other lines.

Russell (30-38-2 for .443)

Another set of picks that deserve no confidence from me or anyone else. I'm back to picking all road teams.

Cincy (-8) over SAN FRAN - The Bungles appear to have figured things out, and Shaun Hill (Go Terps!) doesn't have enough talent around him to pull out a close game. [J-Red's note: Only on this blog would the problem with the 49ers be that SHAUN HILL doesn't have enough around him.]

Arizona (+3.5) over NEW ORLEANS - Pass defense? What's that? And Bush is either out or at half speed.

Jacksonville (+4) over PITTSBURGH - Take JAX to win.

Seattle (-7) over CAROLINA - The Seahawks are pretty good, if you haven't noticed.

Green Bay (-9.5) over ST LOUIS - What's gone right for the Rams this year? Nothing.


Jeremy - BAL, CHI, IND, NO, SEA
Russell - ARI, CIN, GB, JAX, SEA
Magic 8 - ARI, BAL, CAR, CHI, IND


Magic 8 (39-25-6 for .600)
Jeremy (36-28-6 for .557 -- 3 GB)
Brien (36-32-2 for .529 -- 5 GB, 2 GB Jeremy)
J-Red (34-33-3 for .507 -- 6.5 GB, 3.5 GB Jeremy)
Russell (30-38-2 for .443 -- 11 GB, 8 GB Jeremy)

All of us: 175-156-19 for .527
Humans: 136-131-13 for .509

2 Responses:

Brien said...

I made the mistake of looking only at the playoff standings for the Giants and ignoring the division winners. I saw that they had the 4th best record, but forgot that the 4th division winner is home, not the wild card (duh).

Anyway, I stand by the pick.

J-Red said...

And I agreed with the pick.

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