December 9, 2007

NFL Trick Play of the Year is calling this a fleaflicker, but that's inaccurate. A fleaflicker is a handoff-pitchback-deep throw. This is technically a triple pass, in that Brady cross-field lateraled to Moss (who dropped the ball and then picked it up, resulting in a lost fumble credited against Brady fantasy fans), Moss cross-field lateraled back to Brady, and Brady hit Gaffney deep. Had Moss not dropped the lateral, Gaffney would have been ridiculously open. Instead, he was just very open.

4 Responses:

"ben" said...

Was that the Patriots radio broadcast on the video? Whoever it was kept calling Jabar Gaffney Dante Stallworth.

And I was a little upset that Brady underthrew the ball like that, but fortunately it still goes down as a TD.

Go Tom Brady!

Russell said...

Go Shaun Hill!

First TD pass as a pro, and good overall numbers too.

Kevin Hayward said...

A trick play that was only decently executed, and it still goes for a TD. The Patriots make me sick.

J-Red said...

Troy Smith scored his first NFL TD yesterday as well.

But I'm more proud of Shaun (though that was not his first professional TD. He played well in NFL Europe). Hell, I was proud of Shaun for getting enough seasons credited to earn an NFL pension.

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