December 13, 2007

More Petrino Fallout

Apparently the entire Falcons team now sees fit to publicly call Petrino a coward after he phoned in his resignation to Arthur Blank. How surprised should they be? Here is Petrino's coaching resume:

1983 - Carroll (GA)
1984 - Weber State (GA)
1985-1986 - Carroll (OC)
1987-1988 - Weber State (WR/TE)
1989-1991 - Idaho (QB, 1990-91 OC)
1992-1993 - Arizona State (QB)
1994 - Nevada (OC/QB)
1995-1997 - Utah State (OC)
1998 - Louisville (OC)
1999-2001 - Jacksonville Jaguars (QB, 2001 OC)
2002 - Auburn (OC)
2003-2006 - Louisville
2007 - Atlanta Falcons
2008-present - Arkansas

So in the course of 25 years, Bobby Petrino's longest stay anywhere was four seasons as the head coach at Louisville. Otherwise, he has averaged about 1.8 years per stop. You can't blame a guy too much for early career moves, but how many guys have been offensive coordinator at seven places and head coach at three? And, don't forget, he tried to get a new head coaching spot after each of his four Louisville seasons, including his famous undermining of Tuberville at Auburn.

And seriously Redskins, Petrino was Mark Brunell's QB coach in Jacksonville and you couldn't get ANYTHING for him this year? Are you even trying to draft?

2 Responses:

Russell said...

Lawyer Milloy: "This league is for real men. I think he realized he didn't belong here."

J-Red said...

Yeah, that was a lot better than DeAngelo Hall's "If I saw him on the street I wouldn't speak to him." Then again, DeAngelo has gotten in much trouble for talking, but Lawyer Milloy, to my knowledge, is not considered a troublemaker.

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