December 13, 2007

Highlights of Mitchell Briefing


--All 30 teams are involved.

--Jeremy Schapp named Paul Lo Duca among others who wrote checks to the Mets equipment manager. Lo Duca was just traded to the Nats.

--The 5-7% of players who tested positive in the past certainly underestimates the number who actually used steroids and HGH.

--Hundreds of thousands of youths are using steroids as a direct result of seeing the professionals do the same.

--Every player included in the report was given an opportunity to respond, and all current players declined the invitation. This means Tejada and Lo Duca, both recently traded, knew they were in the report.

--11 players admitted that Radomski supplied them. McNamee, the trainer for Clemens and Pettitte, turned over names.

--Players switched from oil-based steroids, which remain in the body longer, to water-based steroids and HGH.

--Current testing regime still falls short of best practices in drug testing.

--Some recommendations can be performed unilaterally, but some require amendment of the CBA.

--Three-fold plan:

1) Many things cannot be tested for, and testing only scratches the surface. There must be meaningful investigative power, and MLB should create a department of investigations to look into allegations.

2) Improved education

3) Drug testing remains important element to comprehensive approach. Testing is in place until 2011, so the CBA must be amended to change this process.

--The investigative program should be run by a person with complete independence.

--Penalties can only be based on the regime in place at the time of the alleged conduct

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