June 19, 2008

Caption Contest Winner

Would you and three of your friends like to attend Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in Yankee Stadium next month? Would you like $1000? Would you like a free dinner and show on Broadway, on the off chance you're dumb enough to bring your wife? How about a chance to tell one of the finalists in the Home Run Derby where to hit a homer, and getting a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and 2009 season tickets to the team of your choice if he comes through?

Click the picture above and enter the State Farm Call Your Shot contest. You might win all that and more.

In order to promote the contest, State Farm provided us with a $50 MLB.com gift card. Since there are four of us, and we didn't want to kill Jeremy over his perverted desire to own Nationals' gear, we decided it was best to give the card away as a prize.

We asked you to come up with the best caption for this photo:

Brady Anderson has had difficulty maintaining his playing weight
Gerard Cosloy, of Can't Stop the Bleeding, was the winner.
Other excellent entries:
In Bizarro World, Robin is the epitome of heterosexuality (Josh Walters)
Don't swear off the Orioles, son. You see between the utility belt, bulletproof suit, and the Batmobile much of Batman's power was artificial too. (Mike "Big Tuna" Yates)
So what have you got, kid? Lou Gehrig's? (Benjamin Singer)
Some day you'll be as tall as Earl Weaver, Robin. (Eric Kilhefner)
Ironman and Batman relax after beating Superman and Aquaman in the Finals of the Annual Superhero Double Dutch Jump Roping Competition (Gary Almeter)
Actually, I'm Kevin Costner's kid. (Unsilent Majority)
something magic happens
The true reason for Cal's troubles with his wife: he found his real, true love in this fine strapping young gentleman. (Michael Prodanovich)
every time you go
Best entry by a girl who couldn't pick Cal Ripken out of a two-man lineup:
After the Tanorexia/Down Syndrome benefit, Marvel Studios nixed the Ironman/Batman crossover project. (Sarah Gould)
Thanks to all who entered. Hopefully we'll have more contests like this in the future (with better pictures).

3 Responses:

big tuna said...

very deserving winner...

"ben" said...

I see Big Tuna revealed his true identity. This is like knowing that Batman is Bruce Wayne.

J-Red said...

I had no input on the voting, as the curator of entry anonymity, but I was happy with the selection. As for some of the others they voted for...I need funnier friends.

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