June 19, 2008

Great Moments in Cross-Dressing in Sports

A lawsuit against Oscar De La Hoya has been dropped after pictures of him in fishnets and heels have proven to be fakes. The most striking aspect of the story is not that it happened, but that cross-dressing seems to be a theme in the world of sports, from rookie hazing to flight attendant chomping. Here are some of our favorite cross-dressing incidents in sports.

1) Oscar De La Hoya - Okay, they're faked. But it led to some great jokes about how he'll always be the Golden Boy and never the Golden Man.

2) Dennis Rodman - This was mostly a publicity stunt, but we later learned that The Worm also has a fascination with men's nipples.

Okay. So long as he never did it again, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Best two out of three?


3) Ricky Williams - Thank goodness it turned out this was the weirdest thing Ricky was in to.

4) Marv Albert - [Photo not avilable...YEEEEEEEESSSS!]

Artist's rendering...

5) Martina Navratilova - One of these must be cross-dressing, right?

1 Responses:

PartMule said...

Nice! I love that you included back bites!

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