June 15, 2008

Turkey Rallies, Shocks Czech Republic

Turkey's so good, it's hard to find pictures...

After surrendering a second goal to the Czechs, Turkey was down 2-0 early in the second half, but from that point on, the momentum was entirely Turkey's. Turkey's first goal looked like it might not matter, but Petr Cech dropped the ball (literally) and the Turks tied it in the 87th minute. Incredibly, on almost the next play, the Turkish captain Nihat Kahveci, who had just scored a minute ago, scored on a beautiful shot from the top of the box, catching the bottom edge of the crossbar and falling in. The Czechs went from having an assured berth in the quarterfinals to booking a trip home in about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Turkey wins this elimination match and will probably face Croatia in the quarterfinals.

Few people thought the Turks had a shot, but this Turkish side has shown an incredible ability to rally. They are the only team to come back from a goal down to win in Euro 2008, and they have now done it twice. In their previous match, they rallied to beat the host Swiss 2-1.

2 Responses:

Brien said...

I like this picture of Turkish fans better:

Brien said...

But yeah, that was an awesome game. Unfortunately I saw most of the boring first half at my parents' house, then missed the second half driving home. I caught the highlights, though. Grumble.

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