June 21, 2008

Gymnastics Olympic Trials

I have a lot of problems with gymnastics as a sport. It's subjectively judged, and some parents allow their children's growth to be stunted to enhance their potential. In addition, who came up with these events? Talk about a random of assortment of stuff that never had any value in everyday life.

On the other hand, your chance to watch the Olympic Trials for the men is this afternoon, so I give you the one reason to watch.

Any man who can do the iron cross has my respect.

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

Rings are pretty brutal. Most guys can shoulder press about half of what they bench. The strength combined with control is pretty amazing.

Pommel horse, however, is gay and pointless.

big tuna said...

not that there's anything wrong with that

J-Red said...

Not with gay, but there is definitely something wrong with pointless.

Anonymous said...

Most people don't understand gymnastics, so before you go "Judging " gymnastics as a sport you had better spend some time (10 years or more) in the sport! What gymnastics is about this decade not what you remember 30 years ago..

Nic said...

The pommel horse is like break dancing on a beam. It takes skills.

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