June 13, 2008

Dutch Rout Italy and France, Win Group of Death

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Scoring on France was just too easy. (Getty Images)

The biggest story from the first week of Euro 2008 has to be the sensational play of the Netherlands. Group C was billed as the "Group of Death," with all four teams in the top 12 of the FIFA rankings. Italy and France were the highest ranked, and met in the finals of the last World Cup. The Dutch were acknowledged to have some offensive skill, but few expected them to advance. No one thought they could defend well, and a lot of 4-3 type matches were expected. The Dutch side has impressed everyone. A 3-0 decimation of World Cup champions Italy was followed by a 4-1 blowout of France. Neither fixture was in doubt for more than a couple minutes as the Dutch dominated throughout. The play of the Dutch side has been just as bright as their brilliant orange jerseys. Even better, the Dutch have kept the games interesting and exciting, even when they've had a big lead, continuing to attack and make plays instead of packing it in. This is as exciting as soccer gets!

Celebration time! (Photo: Johannes Simon)

Incredibly, Romania (ranked lowest of the 4 teams) currently sits in 2nd place after 2 ties, and could advance with a good result against the Dutch. The Orange Crush will be resting some of their stars since they have already clinched the top spot in the Group and will face the 2nd team from Group D in the quarters.

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Brien said...

Yeah, the Dutch have surprised a lot of people this week. I'm just glad that I get to watch a few matches this weekend. Stupid job.

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