June 8, 2008

Rename Laurel Park

I know you thought you were all through with having to read horse racing posts here, but I've got one more left.

Bromoblog has an excellent suggestion to rename Laurel Park after the late Jim McKay. McKay was born in Philadelphia but went to Loyola High School and Loyola College. He also retired to a farm in Monkton (northern Baltimore County, for those that care).

Always a big supporter of horse racing, McKay created the Maryland Million, which is the second biggest day of horse racing in the state.

I've been to Laurel more than any other track, and it could definitely use an identity. McKay seems like someone who clearly deserves some recognition by the Maryland horse racing industry. Sounds like a win-win situation. Too bad Magna Entertainment is far too incompetent to make it happen.

Here are some naming options:

  • Jim McKay Park
  • McKay Racetrack
  • McKay Racetrack at Laurel Park
  • That Guy Who Called the Munich Olympics Racetrack at That Shithole North of College Park
OK, let's stick with Jim McKay Park.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

I like McKay and I agree he deserves some recognition, but realistically I don't think Magna would make this move even if it somehow occurred to them. Yeah, the Laurel Park name doesn't carry much, but it is synonomous with good turf racing to simulcast bettors.

How about naming the turf course after McKay and having the track announcers always refer to it as the McKay Turf Course, and also renaming the Maryland Million to McKay's Maryland Million?

J-Red said...

And if we're going with Laurel as the asshole in the shit stain that is Maryland's I-95 corridor between Baltimore and Washington, can we let Halethorpe/Arbutus (where I live now) be the pubic bone and College Park (where I lived previously) be the ass hair that seems to catch all the dingleberries? Any appearance of an analogization of dingleberrys to NY/NJ frat boys is totally coincidental.

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