June 11, 2008

Jon Ogden Retires

The (Baltimore) Sun is reporting that Jonathan Ogden has opted to retire after 12 seasons at left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Ogden was a perennial Pro Bowler enjoying a Hall of Fame career protecting the MANY blind sides of Baltimore quarterbacks. Unfortunately he has been hampered by toe injuries recently that make it very difficult for him to anchor and push off - two critical motions for a tackle.

blablalahblah The only face the 6 ft. 9 in. gentle giant ever makes

I do not speak for all Ravens fans, but I would like to thank J.O. for being a classy foundation of our young franchise. As the first player ever drafted by the Ravens, in 1996, Jon Ogden has been a great role model for young lineman and a quiet leader on and off the field. Please keep dancing in the Gebco commercials and do not be a stranger on television and radio.

1 Responses:

Dewey Hammond said...

Great career from J.O.

Big ups to the big man.

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