April 25, 2007

Byrd Stadium Renovation Plans

So I'm going to spare the discussion and picture of the added three tiers of luxury boxes along the current site of Tyser Tower because I don't think too many people who will be reading this will experience those seats. But HOW COOL IS THIS PLAN??? Reminds me a lot of Qwest Field in Seattle. I must say though that I'm genuinely concerned whether the Terps would ever be able to fill a stadium like this. I have this horrible feeling that this is basically an invitation for 15,000 more Hokie fans to fill the stadium whenever we play them. All I can say is good thing I'm looked into my Terp Club seats now in the lower bowl.

6 Responses:

J-Red said...

I wouldn't pay $5 to see a televised game from corner end zone seats. I think they've realized that the Ellicott side high rise, as half-assed as it was done, was a BIG mistake.

Brien said...

My seats are lower bowl in the closed end corner, and the view is great. I'm not sure what I think about the addition, though. My guess is that recruiting played a big part. Let's face it, Byrd Stadium is pretty ugly and small compared to the school's we're competing with for recruits.

The school's track record with major renovations to the stadium sucks, though. There have been 2 major updates to Byrd in the past 40 years. The upper deck is ugly, lopsided, and almost never full. Tyser Tower was a shortsighted (and useless for fans) change that makes adding seats to the South side of the stadium much more difficult than it should have been.

Hopefully this will be different. There's really no reason that Maryland shouldn't sell out every football game. The Redskins and Ravens pack their stadiums every week, and there's no other big time college football program in the area. Add in a TON of alums and you should be able to fill 60-70k seats every week without much problem, especially when the team is playing decently.

J-Red, are you finally going to spring for season tickets this year?

Jeremy said...

If J-Red does, I called him on Terp Club points months ago!! Don't you go poaching, Christesen :-)

J-Red said...

I'm not getting tickets yet. I need to talk someone else into wanting midfield upper deck on the Ellicott side.

Brien said...

You can join the Terrapin Club and probably get a seat in section 17, 18, or 19 (I'm in 19). The seating chart from last year is here.

Brien said...

I just checked, and the best available General Public seats are in section 28 (Tower side, open endzone, all the way in the corner) which isn't all that bad. I would guess that you could get some decent seats if you join the Terrapin Club. And Jeremy, you can have the referral points if I get the visor they're giving away in the referral challenge (just kidding).

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