April 27, 2007

The End of Michael Vick


I won't rehash the excellent points made by ProFootballTalk.com regarding Michael Vick's most recent run-in with the law. It seems he at least funded, and most probably actively supported, a kennel operation that raised dogs for use in fights to the death.

Don't get me wrong, there were no Strudels (see below) or Rogans (see belower) in these kennels, only Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and other fighting breeds.

So you give lifelong sexual diseases to unsuspecting women while using the alias Ron Mexico. We forgive you (mostly because the alias was hilarious). If we ran people out of pro sports for that we'd have missed out on Lenny Dykstra.

So you can't even lie convincingly about your secret compartment water bottle. We get it dude. You smoke weed so much you have to sneak it through customs. We've all seen your eyes, and we've all heard about your brother Marcus.

So your fishing boat might have found its way onto private property. That's no biggie; the charges were even dismissed!

But you mistreated dogs. Or worse, you turned a blind eye while other people mistreated dogs at your facilities. The previously described indiscretions can all be overlooked because none of them make you a bad person necessarily, though Ms. Mexico might disagree. The millisecond pictures of dogs mistreated while under your care hit the internet, you're done.

Here's a before and after:

I'm not particularly soft, though I do love dogs. The second picture, of the dead dog, is not supposed to be indicative of the dogs Michael Vick had at his facilities. It is indicative of what dogfighting breeders do with a losing dog. This dog died of starvation because it's owners left it on the side of a rural road once it was crippled losing in a fight.

My point is not to drive people to PETA (Really, PLEASE do not join PETA), nor vegetarianism. It's to show how this incident is the one that will drive Vick out of Atlanta, and perhaps out of the NFL--perhaps even into jail.

I mean, it's not like he's even a good quarterback.

3 Responses:

Anonymous said...

That 2nd pic of the pitbull didn't die from a dog fight. If that was true he wouldn't look like that.

A FAN & DOG LOVER said...

Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how big or small. He'll pay for what he did and then go on with his life, as he should. And I'll still support him in his NFL career, reguardless what city he plays in.
He was and will still be better than half the QBs in the league.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how big or small?" Dude, shut da f---! Watching an innocents animal fight to their death so he can get a kick out of it, he is a monster with no compassion, a heartless beast and I hope he rot in jail. What ever Michael Vick do to those poor dogs Karma will find him at the end.

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