April 25, 2007

J-Red = Idol Genius (again)

I made this comment earlier today:

There's a lot of speculation that no one will be eliminated tonight. That would mean they'd have to eliminate two next week or have the final show be between the final three.

Just sayin' is all.

And I noticed that Jeremy referred to tonight's show as a snooze-fest. A friend of mine referred to it as a trick to watch a telethon.

I've seen telethons, and Lord knows I've seen snoozefests. Tonight's Idol was very well-produced and very well-communicated, especially the parts that focused on the U.S. My household, which isn't struggling but isn't comfortable either, was able to donate a significant amount. Go to www.idolaid.com and do the same.

And, on a side note, if you've donated to Save the Whales, PETA, Greenpeace, the NRA, Focus on the Family, the GOP, the DNC, the Green Party, your local Humane Society, any political candidate, the World Wildlife Fund, the Sierra Club or any other non-human charity since August 29, 2005, I hate you. I seriously hate you.

As for elected officials, we pay them. Trust me. As for environmental charities, what is sunburn when you're starving, or when you're dying of a preventable disease like AIDS or malaria? What is being American when you're STILL living in a FEMA trailer? Why is this okay?

4 Responses:

Brien said...

I thought it was far better than the usual vote off show. The performances were all really good. My favorites (in order):
1) Earth, Wind, and Fire
2) Carrie Underwood (she is REALLY hot)
3) Jack Black
4) Il Divo (they're like a Eurotrash boy band crossed with the three tenors. they cracked me up)
5) Kelly Clarkson
6) Annie Lennox (and her falling out boobs)
496) Celine Dion and Elvis
497) Rascal Flatts
498) Josh Groban
499) Stayin' Alive
500) Ben Stiller (he wasn't funny at all)

The whole telethon thing was OK, but I have a few problems with the begging for money. Extreme poverty and disease at home and abroad is a very complex issue. Throwing money at it can provide some short-term relief (which in the case of some of the Katrina victims is all they need) but doesn't address the root causes. I did like that they talked about Malaria prevention, which is a problem with a solution that can be helped with an influx of money.

Overall, it was a good show. It didn't drag, even though it was 2 hours. That's much better than the normal vote off shows. I think there is a 100% chance you see an "Idol Gives Back" episode next season.

Jeremy said...

Partially because I watched it very late, I DVR'ed through most of the show. What was good enough to make me stop? Jack Black, Simpsons take off, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban (you know how I know you're gay? because you like that Josh Groban song) and Stayin' Alive, just because I wanted to see which celebs they were able to get in the montage. I started to watch Annie Lennox because that had so much promise, but she sang a powerful song pretty flat. I wanted to watch Earth Wind and Fire, but the fiancee told me that it sucked and I lost temporary control of the DVR.

Here's what I want to know... at what point did the contestants know that none of them were going home? I give J-Red a lot of credit for calling this, but I'm sure he wasn't the only one around who had this speculation. Jordin did look genuinely scared so I'm guessing they had heard rumors but nothing more substantiated than that.

Brien said...

Yeah, I forgot about the Simpsons, that was the funniest part of the show.

The contestants didn't seem to know until the very end when Seacrest said "Chris you're safe" then paused for a long time and said "Jordin, you're also safe." I knew based on what J-Red said as soon as they said at the beginning of the show that the results were going to be "shocking."

It was a cheap stunt. One of the best things about Idol is that they don't pull punches. They don't buy into the whole "everyone's a winner" thing. There's one winner, everyone else gets voted off. It's harsh, but that's how the show maintains its credibility. I know this was only for one night, but I thought it went away from what makes Idol great.

J-Red said...

I agree with Brien about throwing money overseas at certain problems. I always question how much money is eaten up in USAID regulatory compliance and management and how much actual gets to people. That is one thing that's great about fighting malaria: you buy a net and you give someone the net. You buy medicine and you give someone medicine. It doesn't get political.

I would have preferred that more, if not all, the money was used domestically.

By the end of the show EVERYONE knew no one was going home. The crowd did not gasp or boo when Chris was announced as safe. They all knew Jordin was safe too. I think Jordin knew she was safe as well. There were probably a ton of clues. Plus, don't forget they do a full dress rehearsal. They might have wondered why it didn't include a farewell song.

The good news is that they're using cumulative vote totals for next week's double elimination. That will make it nearly impossible to guess who is going home.

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