April 27, 2007

Skins' Portis for Jets' Vilma?

The New York Times is reporting that the Redskins and Jets (the only team the Skins have successfully put one over on in the last decade) are discussing a trade that would send Clinton Portis to New Jersey in exchange for almost-stud LB Jonathan Vilma.

So THAT's why they made the TJ Duckett trade last year. Now it makes a little sense. Wait, what do you mean he signed with the Lions on March 9?

Pornography, stuSee Skins' fans, it's not illegal for a defensive player to touch the ball

The deal makes sense in terms of the quality of the two players, especially considering Vilma's age. However, the Skins are going into the season with a QB with a half-season's experience. It might be a good idea to give him a strong running game to take some heat off. On the flip side, the Skins defense isn't going to be any better without a pass rush. Perhaps Vilma would make some tackles that were missed the year before, but I don't think it's an instant fix.

3 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the caption. And honestly, I wouldn't be opposed to this trade. Ladell Betts really proved his mettle last season. I think his main question is durability over the course of an entire season. No question Portis is a better back than Betts, but I don't think he's such a significantly better back that you would forego improving the defense immensely by signing Vilma.

But because the second G in Gregg Williams stands for "genius," I'm sure he'll pass on this trade.

J-Red said...

The M in his last name stands for megalomaniacal.

Brien said...

I can't decide which position on the Skins has traditionally been more underutilized. They definitely haven't been making good use of Portis over the past few years, but they've also not gotten the best out of their linebackers.

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