April 27, 2007

The Fine Art of Bullshitting

This just in! ProFootballTalk reports via Adam Schefter of NFL.com that the Lions will take Calvin Johnson with the 2nd pick in tomorrow's draft, barring a "blockbuster" trade offer.

This not quite as just in! Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that TB, with the 4th pick, has made two trade offers to the Lions, one packaging both TB second rounders and the other sending a second rounder plus CB Brian Kelly.

This just a little further behind! All GMs are completely full of it right now. The Lions have determined, through extensive scientific research, that teams are interested in Calvin Johnson. They leak the TB offer, knowing it can be beaten, and then say they'd only move off the 2nd pick if a "blockbuster" offer came. They've basically shown the rest of the league TB's hand, and dared them to beat it.

If only the triumverate over at Redskins Park would respond. They need another WR about as bad as Detroit does.

1 Responses:

Brien said...

This seems to happen every year. There's tons of talk about trading up or down, but almost always the teams stay pat. This goes back to the "don't look stupid" rule of GMs. It's much tougher to look stupid just drafting at your own spot than trading.

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