April 27, 2007

Nats New Ballpark Taking Shape

This is the view down the third base line looking towards home plate. A few more pics to follow as soon as the picture upload feature on Blogger starts to work again on my work computer. One small thing to feel optimistic about for the Nats. Although Shawn Hill continued his surprisingly decent season in the 8 inning performance yesterday.

For now, I'll reserve this space to say that if Stan Kasten and the Lerner family continue to demonstrate a total lack of care for those of us who remain committed to the Nats during this final season at RFK, they will lose a huge chunk of their fanbase. Their sentiment seems to be "Listen, you're sacrificing now, but unless you make this sacrifice, you won't get to see the team in the new ballpark." Coercion generally doesn't work. From trolling the Nats message boards, the natives are definitely restless. Restless at a continued crappy promotional schedule. Restless that the team couldn't organize a Fanfest the way the O's could. Restless that concessions at RFK continue to suck in both service and what is offered (and we do all realize that a 40-year-old stadium's capabilities are limited). But bottom line is that RFK regularly handled 50,000 people for Redskins games. Why can they suddenly not handle 40K at Opening Day? Or even the 18,000 who show up on a regular weeknight game? At least you can bring your own food into the ballpark.

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