April 24, 2007

Idol Recap

Alright, so a very brief recap before I collapse in bed from muscle relaxants, ranking what I think will be the vote getters from top to bottom:

The judges are out of extraordinary things to say about her, and so am I. Her vocal performance this evening was simply soaring.

She and Jordin are the top two on the show, hands down, but I worry that there will only be room for one of them in the final show, as I think one of the guys will bump in.

Starting to make some noise in that country genre, showing a type of music he's comfortable singing and coming across as a truly genuine person, largely unlike the other two males remaining.

Imagine you sang with a personality, it's easy if you try. But seriously, not exactly a song that is made for Idol because there are no parts to show your range. He sang a very controlled version of the song, but ended up sounding like John Lennon on Prozac.

He had the worst vocals of the night, but I think that he's safe because I think Lakisha is gone. I couldn't believe the judges gave him good reviews, as I thought he gave a train wreck of a performance. I guess it was the opening performance of Idol Gives Back and the judges didn't want to start off on a harsh note. If they had been truthful, they would've told Chris that despite his protestations otherwise, nasally is not a valid way of singing, and he was singing nasally yet again. He has two weeks left, tops. I mean, next week is Bon Jovi. If I have to listen to him butcher Dead or Alive and make it sound like Justin Timberlake, I swear I'll break my TV.

I think this is the week our former frontrunner goes home. She doesn't smile, doesn't appear happy, and her "strategy" of picking songs by former Idol winners seems to be backfiring because it causes us to remember all the things those Idol winners had that she doesn't. Fantasia had Lakisha's voice plus charisma. Carrie had 3/4 of Lakisha's voice, but was ten times more attractive. Lakisha goes home this week to Fort Meade.

And Idol Gives Back... Jesus... this is fodder for an entire post, but all I'll say is if I heard Ryan Seacrest tell me that my phone call would be the most important phone call I'd ever make, I was going to scream. Hmm... I can dial the phone and a WHOPPING TEN CENTS goes to charity. Sure. Way more important than the phone call telling my parents I was engaged. Or that I passed the Bar. Or the one that I'll make eventually to tell my parents that they have grandkids. Nothing to see kids, no hyperbole here.

Thank goodness for DVR for tomorrow's two hour snorefest. Borat, Ford Commercial, results. That's all I need to see.

5 Responses:

J-Red said...

Actually, NewsCorp donates $0.10 per call. My understanding is that the other sponsors will up it to a total of $1.00 per call for a max possible total of $50M.

My rankings from tonight only are:

1) Phil
2) Melinda
3) Jordin
4) LaKisha
5) Blake
6) Chris R.

I counted 12 different missed notes from Chris R. Blake's rendition of Imagine was what you'd expect from a song that has a range of about four notes for most of it and no big notes. LaKisha is looking somewhat spazzy, which means she's overdoing it.

Jordin was overrated, again. How can she get such rave reviews when she started so horrendously. Melinda coasted through just being better than anyone else, though the Faith Hill rapture song should endear her to some middle Americans.

Phil had the best combination of performance and song. He seems to have loosened up a bit. Since this year's crop is a little light on performance ability, with Melinda, LaKisha, Jordin and Chris R basically doing the same thing each week, he could creep on up to the top three.

My bottom three predictions (which are independent from my own likes/dislikes, but for once match them) are Chris R., LaKisha, and Blake. Since they may only do bottom two, I'll say Chris R. and Lakisha.

Brien said...

I can't believe you both thought Phil was so good. He's my pick to go home tonight. I actually thought that this was one of Lakisha's better performances, but I agree that she won't be around for long.

I was thinking last night about how well this year's winner will do in terms of actually selling albums. There's definitely not a Kelly or Carrie in this group, and probably not even a Clay. It seems like Melinda has the momentum going for her, so I could see her winning it all. I think Jordin will have the most commercial success after Idol out of all the finalists (kind of like Chris Doughtry and Taylor Hicks).

J-Red said...

I agree that Jordin will be the biggest commercial success of the remaining six. The second most successful will probably be Phil if he doesn't mind going full-time country. I worry that Melinda is nice to listen to, but I can't imagine her having an exciting record launch tour, or video, or PR campaign. It might play out a lot like Reuben.

Jeremy said...

I believe Lakisha will be the biggest album success on the gospel and soul circuit. That's a market that none of the three of us are very familiar with, but that sells TONS of albums. That's her background and that's where her voice is strongest. I see her selling hundreds of thousands of gospel and soul records.

J-Red said...

There's a lot of speculation that no one will be eliminated tonight. That would mean they'd have to eliminate two next week or have the final show be between the final three.

If you remember, there is also an Idol songwriting competition running at the same time. They might want three finalists if they bought the rights to what they think are three hit songs.

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