September 19, 2007

Maryland = Notre Dame?

The good news is that we're being compared to Notre Dame. The bad news is that we're being compared to Notre Dame THIS YEAR.

The numbers don't lie. I don't like being called a "mid-level ACC" team, but we need the pub wherever we can get it.

Article, by Dennis Dodd (James Carville with a better accent (presumably)), can be found HERE, at CBS Sportsline.

Yeah, I read CBS Sportsline. What are you going to do about it? Fight me?

7 Responses:

Russell said...

Interesting article... The part I'd like to focus on is that we're 3-1 in bowls, instead of ND's 0-3, none of which were even close. Their current 9 game bowl losing streak indicates a permanent overrated status and difficulty game planning for a tough opponent. I guess recruiting for a school with segregated dorms and curfews has gotten a little harder.

Russell said...

And if you read the article, we're not being compared to ND this year. The only comparison he makes between the current teams is the new starting QB. There were no snide remarks about our 2 wins against I-AA Villanova and 15 game losing streak FIU, though there probably should have been.

"ben" said...

I think J-Red meant that this is a bad year to draw ND comparisons, even if it is a historical perspective. You kind of want your distance from ND right now.

As for the bowls, I don't recall all the matchups -- so please correct me if I'm wrong -- but Notre Dame was repeatedly and undeservedly put up against top-ranked teams in BCS games that were obviously superior.

Maryland, on the other hand, was more appropriately placed in its bowl games and therefore was able to win some. Maryland's one loss, of course, came in a BCS game where they got spanked.

Russell said...

I agree, but of the last 6, there were 2 Gator Bowls and an Bowl, losses to NCSt, GT, and Oregon St. respectively. The four non-BCS games during the losing streak were losses by an average of 17 pts, and none was closer than 7.

Maryland is 3-0 in non-BCS bowls, winning by an average of more than 20 pts.

J-Red said...

I was ambiguous. I didn't mean that this year's Maryland team was being compared to this year's Notre Dame team, but rather that this is a bad year for anyone to use your school and Notre Dame in the same sentence when talking about football.

"ben" said...

Unless the sentence is:

"[Your school] is scheduled to play Notre Dame this Saturday."

J-Red said...

Good point. Can we trade Rutgers for Notre Dame for our prestige non-conference game?

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